Who would you invite for dinner?

The Dinner Party by Sir Henry Cole

You are planning a  dinner party and you are allow to invite six people that most fascinate you, they need to be famous?

Who are you going to invite?

You need to have a combination of those who are alive today and those who have since died?

Please note that you are not allowed to invite people from Biblical times just to make it a little more tricky.   

  • Mrs Isabella Beeton (1836 - 1865): What a fascinating lady and she would be able to give me plenty of household tips and advice!
  • Corrie Ten Boom (1892 - 1983): survivor of the Holocaust, author of many books including "The Hiding Place".  She would certainly be a great comfort and full of
  • Elisabeth Elliot (born 1926): A remarkable lady who has been a missionary, mother, wife, author and has shared her love for Christ through her many books.
  • Michael Palin (born 1943): British writer, documentary maker, traveller and comedian - all round gentleman who would have plenty of travel stories to share and bring (nice) humour to the table. Best known for Monty Python. 
  • Jane Austen (1775 - 1817), author of some of my favourite books!!
  • Anne Frank (1929 - 1945), best known for her wartime diary who tragically died in the concentrations camps.

I can tell you that my list took sometime to think about
 this wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be!! I could have invited many more people if only my table was longer!! If you can't think of 6 people, do the best you can!

Join the fun!!!



  1. I once heard Elisabeth Elliot speak in Bowral, would have been in the mid to late 80's. I remember her as a very gracious and godly woman who was very inspiring. I don't remember a lot of what she said, but do remember that in all she did she tried to make itr all about God and not herself. I also remember that her third husband was with her. His name was Lars Gren and they were joking about whether there would be husband #4. So I think she would be a very welcome guest at your dinner table.

  2. That sounds fun! Since it could be anyone (even dead) I would invite my mother and grandfather, they were always the life of every family event. I would also invite George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis. I can imagine them going on and on together and all the other guests just listening and gleaning. I would love to talk personally to few of my favorite female missionaries. Joshua Bell can come if he will play the violin after dinner and the Piano guys. Jeanne Robertson and Lucille Ball would add some gracious and feminine comedy. Now, what would we serve?

    1. I might just have to mimic your post on my own blog. This has been such a fun distraction.

    2. Just finished reading a book on the life of CSLewis and it was fascinating.

      Yes, Joshua Bell would be wonderful. I love his music:))

      I hadn't got to the meal!,

  3. Oscar Wilde! A must have. By all accounts he was an amazing dinner guest. Chesterton. Ditto. And Churchill. They're all dead so as my next 3 must be live I would have Hawkins ~ just to stir the mix ☺, Penelope Keith [opinions & articulation!], & Guy Gavriel Kaye ~ because between him & Wilde I would be pretty close to heaven.

    1. You have a wonderful group. I did think of Stephen Fry as he is a very knowledgable and funny man (but not to everyone's taste).

  4. Kaffe Fassett ( a knitting guru whose incredible use of color is amazing)

    Princess Diana-- I loved her

    Queen Elizabeth-- I think she's led such an interesting life-- but I would not sit her by Princess Diana!!

    Eleanor Roosevelt-- I've read every book I can find about her.

    Anne Morrow Lindburgh- she led an incredible life also

    Wallis Simpson-- I'd just love to meet her-- could not set her near the other royals either!

    1. I'm not familiar with Anne Lindburgh, might have to do some research on her. Your list is great but the Queen better sit some distances from Wallis!!!

  5. Such a cute idea! I am to tired to think tonight so I will just come to your party okay?
    Have a good night! Blessings, Roxy

  6. Hmm... I have been thinking about this since yesterday when I read your post - finding it hard to come up with a satisfactory list! I think this is what I would have to go with:
    I would invite Jill from a blog I read (Prairie Homestead - it is an extremely popular blog, but even then, maybe that's stretching the "famous person" clause??), and Laura Ingalls Wilder (I think I could learn so much from her homesteading and life knowledge!), and Mrs Isabella Beeton - those three people would satisfy my homesteading interests.
    And then I would invite some of the famous Christians from history, such as Adoniram Judson (missionary to Burma), George Mueller (missionary and orphanage founder), and Fanny Crosby (blind hymnwriter with a deep love for the Lord Jesus).

    1. Forgot about LIW, what a story she could share ! I had thought of Fanny Crosby . It's not as easy as I first thought it would be!!! Got my brain thinking:))))


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