Don't jump to conclusions

Christian women work outside the home for many and varied reasons. However, whenever this is discussed on blogs, I often read the following comments:

we are doing it tough on one income, so why can’t you do it to

the Lord always provide

I would like to address both of these comments.

The problem with Blogland is that we don’t really know the situation of others, however, based on very little, some jump to conclusions that can be wrong.  Living on one income may work for one family but that doesn’t mean it will work for another (its wrong to assume "one-size-fits-all"). It would be wonderful if some didn't jump to conclusions and instead be a little more understand of other family situations. It can be upsetting to those who are doing their very best for their families (particularly single mothers) and have done all the maths and know what the situation is. Most Christian women aren’t working to create a high-powered career, trying to make loads of money, nor are they so consumed by their career that they neglect their families or following some "feminist" lie—they work because they have been asked to do so and are doing a fantastic job. They should be applauded for their hard work and not treated as if they don't have a clue or being ungodly (sinful). 

Quite right, a family can live on a small income, but this isn’t a competition of who can live on the least amount of dollars. Whilst it is great to share tips and ideas of smart-living (we can all learn something), being boastful about living on a low income (or surviving on $20 for a week) is quite a different story. Those families who have decided that mum needs a paying job aren't making those decisions lightly, with lack of thought or pray.  

The bible is very clear when it comes to financial matters and it is this advice we need to follow when making any decision when it comes to money or work:

—make wise decisions through prayer
be controlled
live within our means, not wasting the resources God has provided
work hard and diligently
keep debt to a minimum
be generous to others and open our hearts to others 

But most importantly don’t go out to work just to make money for the sake of creating wealth (hoarding) as the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Don't go about earning lots of money just so you can own many possessions or take grand holidays, as this takes us away from the Lord where our focus needs to be (Luke 12:15). Only work outside the home if you have looked careful at your personal situation; the age of your children (my are now adults), your husbands needs, your caring responsibilities with your ageing parents and your home etc...  

If your family does require two-incomes (or you are a single parent, or perhaps your husband is no longer working), take these things into consideration when making the decision. Don't make the decision lightly. Make that decision based on the Word of God and through prayer and certainly not what other bloggers might say or based on their situation.

God does provide in so many ways but that doesn’t mean we can sit back with unpaid bills and say; “God will sort that problem out”. God gives us all talents and gifts (and the energy) to work out how to do this best and that may include working outside the home (or setting up a home based business). He has given me the skills  I need to do the job I have (and provided the job with hours that don't impact on my family), but occasionally taps me on the shoulder to reminds me to follow His plan and not mine.  A family should never live with their hand out “waiting to see what the Lord will deliver”, we do need to take responsibility and use the gifts that God has provided us with (they shouldn't be wasted).  But most importantly, do all things to glorify God and give thanks to all that He has provides, including those talents he has given us. 

And remember — trust in the Lord for words of wisdom. God never lets you down, even if it means getting up in the morning and going off to work. God is with you 24/7 and as long as you follow His plan, amazing things will happen. 



  1. Everyone's situation is different: some husbands require their wife to work... others prefer their wife would stay home, perhaps work from home, perhaps not work at all. People getting on their high horse about this (or any other issue) doesn't help others at all...
    If someone is convinced that it is better to live on a low income and have the wife remain at home - that is *their* business. They don't have to agree with what everyone else is doing - when we stand before God we don't answer for what the other ladies in the body of Christ are/were doing... We answer for what WE have done with what God has given us. We don't have to approve of each other's decisions - but we DO have to respect and love one another as fellow believers. There are some people who take the 'loving one another' to extremes and ignore others' sin, but that isn't the point either. We must always have obedience to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit's leading at the centre of our life and being (1 Sam 15:22-23).
    And seriously, anyone who has got enough time to rave on about being more righteous for staying home and not going out to work should probably find something to busy themselves with, because the Bible has nothing good to say about people who meddle in other people's business. If we truly examine our hearts and lives, we have enough sin and problems to deal with to last several lifetimes, without worrying about whether someone else is doing the 'right' thing.
    That's my two cents. ;)

    1. You hit the nail on the head - some people just can't help themselves even though they don't know you at all. And I do really like you last para!!! Very true.

      Have a lovely week ahead. Raining here which will be great for the garden. Very excited about Friday as I'm off to visit lots and lots of second-hand books for sale!! Yes, its that time of the year again.

  2. Very true Jo,
    We are all His unique creation; it is our job to seek His will for ourselves, not our will for other people. We are called to love each other, and this is where people often fall short, criticizing and condemning each other for our different lives and callings is a terrible example. Keep letting Him shine through.

    1. We each must do the very best we can for our families and that is what most Christian women are doing. Just that some are doing it differently.

      Have a wonderful week ahead. We and cool here, winter will come knocking soon and summer will be a distant thought!


  3. I love the argument "God will provide." I have always responded by saying, "Yes...He provided me with the job that I have."

    1. Hi Kaye, I can remember times when I had run out of money and I had a bill waiting to be paid - even though much prayer, no money appeared in my account (not that I was waiting for a free handout). So I rang up the company and asked for an extension and this allowed me to pay it by the next pay day. Its those sorts of things that the Lord provides, ways of doing things but rarely is it about money suddenly appearing in the account. It does occasionally but not every fortnight.

  4. Hello Jo, Every woman must inquire of the Lord as to this question,It is the one everyone gets in an uproar about! I for one encourage woman to stay at home to raise their children!
    But I also had to work at different small amounts of time outside the home! You had a well written blog post on this subject. Some husbands demand that their wives work. I had a friend who's husband was ill, so she worked. I will not judge others and I try to be gracious!
    But... I still encourage woman to stay at home!
    But, I love you and the words you write and I choose you over being right or wrong!!
    You are a precious Godly woman!
    Love Always, Roxy

    1. Dear Roxy,

      I don't think any family should make rash decisions about two incomes unless they have done all the maths. I also completely agree with you - mothers should be at home with young children and if they do need to work, limit it to part-time and for a short period of time. Or perhaps find something they can do at home.

      My husband doesn't demand that I work, but due to my husband's situation I need to be the main income earner. However I feel so blessed as my job really isn't that taxing and I can be home with plenty of time to cook a home cooked meal. For us it works, and our children have left home (even though we are supporting one of them financially) but it doesn't mean it works for everyone. Take everything to the Lord in prayer - that is what I do, not much else I can do:)

      Blessings dear friend.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Jo!
    You have written it so so beautifully.
    It's such a personal decision who works and when/where. I have just been listening this morning to a sermon about managing money - it was so so encouraging to hear it, and nice to put things into perspective.

    1. Dear Sandy,

      I don't know how many times I have been told on blogs by people who do not know me or our finances that we could live on one income. I find it very frustrating as they don't have a clue about our situation and if they did, it might all make sense to them. But I am not going to share it with strangers anyway - its not their business.

      When you follow the bible when it comes to finance it all makes sense. It isn't about living on as little as possible (that doesn't make you more godly), its about not wasting what you have and making sensible and controlled decisions.


  6. A beautiful post that speaks the truth with grace and love. Thank you for bringing a note of balance to a contentious topic. Building one another up should be our goal-- not finding new ways to pick apart the convictions of others without knowing their walk!

    1. Thankyou, I do not understand why some women won't (or don't want to) understand the situations of others, its very sad.

      Thankyou for your kind comment.


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