Simple woman's day diary: March

Outside my window

The heat of summer is gone and in its place is Autumn with warm sunny days and cool fresh evenings - if only I could bottle it! However today is overcast and quite cool with rain on the way - perfect for indoor activities.

Whilst we enter (my favourite season) Autumn, most of my readers are entering spring. Enjoy. 

I am thankful for

The 1/2 day each week I spend with my youngest son (he no longer lives a home).We go out for lunch at my son's restaurant of choice and chat over a nice meal.  Afterwards we go for a stroll and check out the nearby shops. These are very special times together.

I am wearing

Long blue skirt skirt with white flowers, white t-shirt and red cardigan. 

From the kitchen

My new favourite dish at present is chicken or pork laksa. My husband loves this soup full of fresh crispy raw vegetables and hot spicey soup, its easy to make making it ideal for a Friday evening dinner.

Been trying my hand at some Rick Stein Indian recipes from his latest cookbook (borrowed from the library).  Whilst my dishes aren't looking quite the same as the photos in his book, they still taste very nice regardless. My husband likes them and that is all that matters.

Currently making non-knead bread which couldn't be easier to make.

I am learning

To be a better more Godly wife.

I am creating

A study/sewing room that is perfect for me. Just added some new shelving and rearranged the books (again).

I am reading

C. S. Lewis: A biography of friendship by Colin Duriez
This is a fascinating look at the man who wrote one of my all time favourite childhood book series, "The Chronicles of Narina". However, it is his journey from an atheist to a Christian that makes it an interesting read.

The Excellent Wife (Day-by-day) by Karen Eiler
(based on the writing of Martha Peace)

This is part of my learning to become a better (more Godly) wife and helpmate to my husband. It was recommended to me by a dear friend, thankyou.

In the garden

Everything is looking so much better after recent rains. The plants are greener, brighter and happier. I am sure if they could smile they would.  

Love this idea

Shaping ice-cream for those special occasions - endless possibilities as long as you have cookie cutters. Would make great mini birthday cakes for children.


Some of my favourite things

Breakfast in bed with a good book

Lying on my back on a freshly mowed lawn watching the stars on a summers evening


A quote to share

Marriage is not just spiritual communion and passionate embraces; marriage is also three-meals-a-day and remembering to carry the garbage out.
~ Joyce Brothers ~

The honeymoon is about the passion, however the remaining years of a marriage is about the mundane, those meals that need cooking and who will replace the toilet paper. Marriage is hard work and needs continuous  nurturing, no one ever said it was easy.

Plans for the new month

With the bi-annual second hand book fair this month, I plan to look through my book and DVD collection and see if I have anything to donate (which, of course, will be replace by other second-hand books). Will spend a 1/2 day wandering around looking for books to buy! Book heaven.

Dig up one of the garden beds and get it ready for Autumn planting.

Book-club meets for the first time this year, looking forward to discussing "Jane Erye".

Make mint jelly.

Did I mention more reading and baking!

A picture to share

When I see such beauty, I know this world was NOT created through some random force, but planned and orchestrated by God. Isn't this a magnificent landscape? (source)

And finally . . .

I know there is a couple of sweet young ladies who have birthdays this month - may you both have very special days.

Clara (I won't reveal your age!!)

Miss S who will be turning a very grown up 4



  1. Oh enjoy your autumn. It's my favorite season, too.

  2. Watching the stars on a summer evening sounds wonderful!...but not the itchy grass. I'll take the lounge chair. Loves,

    1. My dad always had very soft grass!!! But at my age I will go for the comfortable chair option:)))

      Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love this time of year. It's been beautiful weather here for a couple weeks now! :) That bread recipe looks great - I must give it a try!
    I started 'The Excellent Wife Day-By-Day' at the beginning of this year, and also another one you might really enjoy - 'Becoming a Woman of Excellence' by Cynthia Heald. Both of those are great, thought-provoking books.
    We are needing to get out into our garden and plant a new crop - the garden met with a few disasters over the summer, the zucchinis look like they're finishing (they've been producing since early spring last year!), we do have some butternut pumpkins and corn and capsicums growing right now, but the rest of the garden is looking horribly bare! One new plant we put in that you might find interesting is a Chia plant - we thought it might be nice to harvest our own chia seeds, and so far the plant is LOVING growing here! They grow to quite a big size, I believe - ours is about 50cm tall at this point. It will be interesting to see how they flower and seed when it comes to the right time! :) What are you hoping to grow this season?

    1. The bread that I made using the recipe turned out beautifully BUT, the method used with placing the bread on baking paper to rise then lifting it into the pot (which had been heated) all worked well - however the bread stuck to the paper I couldn't remove it at all - you have to cut the base off when eating it!! Next time I am going to oil the paper (the recipe says this was not necessary) and flour the base of the bread (its called "cloaking with flour"!) more than I did. Plan to make another loaf tomorrow (24 hours on the shelf). I will let you know how it goes.

      No, I haven't heard of 'Becoming a Woman of Excellence', I will have to look out for it.

      I need to replace some of the soil in one of my raised beds, once this is done, I will plant my usual spinach and kale which we eat quite a bit of in winter. Other winter crops are too much work as we get over run with slugs and moths.

      The weather here is lovely at present with regular rain. I only noticed today how green the hills are after being so dry a month ago.

    2. Clara, I loved "Becoming a woman of excellence" I read it many years ago... I think it had a study to go with it.. must check it out again.

    3. Glenys, I've put it on my reading list plus a few others she had written (which is quite a few). I love it when others recommend books they have enjoyed .

    4. Yes, Jo, I have read her others too... becoming a woman of prayer and others... most enjoyable and taught me a lot.

  4. I am a Christian that use to be a sceptical. It has been a fantastic journey and now I am blessed and work harder to be a better person that has more love in my heart and more time for God and family. One of my favourite things is also breakfast in bed but I am usually reading blogs instead of a blog :)


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