Some women work outside the home

I can do all things things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 
Philippians 4:13

Not all women have the luxury of being at  home all the time.

Whilst many women would like to be at home, it isn't always possible for many reasons and these reasons are generally not about buying a second TV or going a grand holiday, its about paying the bills.

I work full-time.

I am no superwoman.  But I have found ways of making sure my family comes first, that my husband’s needs are met, that my home remains my responsibility and that I don’t walk through the door at the end of the day and collapse on the floor – a wreck after a busy day.

How you may ask?

I am very organised, my home never looks like a cyclone has gone through it. I keep on top of my housework (which is much easier and quicker when the house is tidy) and I don’t let things slip.  I follow a routine so I know when things need to be done. But most importantly I have a job that doesn’t dominate my life and allows me to have flexibility (more on this in a moment).

But there are many other little tricks I do:

  • I cook bulk and freeze homemade meals (we rarely eat processed foods or take-away),
  • If I know I am going to be busy on Tuesday -  I cook twice as much on Monday night, and this means we have a healthy meal with no rush.
  • We eat simple foods (that are in season) that are easy to prepare - I have a collection of recipes I use, including how to make homemade pizza base in 30 mins.  
  • I made sure my pantry is very well stocked.
  • I only visit the supermarket once a week (I freeze all our milk until we need it).
  • My freeze is full of treats for my husband which I have baked on the weekend.
  • I wash the clothes in the evening whilst dinner is cooking.
  • I never leave my kitchen in a mess and I never leave dirty dishes in the sink when I go to bed.  
  • We don’t do lots of outside activities in the evenings – the evenings are ours.  
  • And my husband loves to vacuum the house, so I let him!

BUT the most important decision a woman must make is finding the "right" job. Now, I completely understand how hard this is during our current economic situation and not everyone can be selective.  However, it is important to not rush into any job, but look careful and see if the job you are interested in will suit your family, as your family and your home must still come first. 

Secondly, what works for me, may not work for someone else. Do not constantly compare yourself to others - we all have different situations.  And do not get upset when you read blogs that have very strong anti-working views, they aren't in your situation and they don't have your bills to pay and you do not need to justify yourself to others, its between your husband, you and God. 

But before I commence my list, I want to make one thing very clear; all I do, I do for the Lord and I do it through pray. My current job was found through pray and I thank the Lord daily for providing me with a job that allows me to remain "keeper of my home", "my husband's help-mate", a mother, a wife.  ALL things are possible when you TRUST in the Lord, even finding work outside of the home.

  • Will your hours be flexible so you can determine your start and finish times? (I start at 7am and finish at 4:10pm which means I am home by 4:30 to make dinner and do odd jobs around the house. Everything is done by 7pm and my feet are up relaxing)
  • What sort of leave provisions will you get, e.g. how much vacation leave (recreational); sick leave; carer’s leave? (I take my adult son to a weekly appointment and this involves a ½ day off work, its covered by my leave)
  • Will you be able to work part-time (this is important if you have young children)?
  • How much time will it take you to travel to and from work (you don't want to waste hours driving)?
  • Will you have to work late often? (this is never good in the long term for family or home)
  • Will you have to take work home to finish?
  • What sort of clothes will you need to wear? Does everyone wear expensive suits or can you dress a little less expensive?
  • Will you be able to bring your lunch to work? How long is your lunch break? ( I use my lunch break to relax and read or some times to catch up on banking or going to the post-offce)
  • Is your workplace near facilities such as the post-office, banking, supermarket?
  • Will you be asked to complete work that you have strong feelings about?
  • What sort of boss do you want to work with? (I have a very understand and compassionate boss who has children of her own)
  • Does the organisation have a family friendly policy?
  • What happens if staff members say or do things that offend you? (I am blessed to have wonderful and supportive colleagues)
  • Will you be able to get home in time to make dinner (healthy home cooked meals, not the sort requires opening up jars)?
  • Will you have enough energy to help your husband in the evenings or will you be too tired?
  • What happens if you are asked to "act" in a more senior position or go for a promotion? (Whilst I have moved up the ranks to a more senior position, I have no plans for applying for a managerial position as I know it will impact on my family and result in working much longer hours. Whilst the money is attractive - it will affect my husband, therefore the answer is no)
  • Can you say no to temptation in the office? (It's a test of your faith, but it isn't hard to say no)
  • How do you feel about being asked out for dinner with work collogues and your husband isn't invited?

Whilst these are important things for women to consider, I would argue that when men apply for jobs, they too, need to consider these things. Fathers working late into the evening, bringing work home,  commuting for hours, working with lots of young single women are all issues that can directly impact on their families. 

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, 
or whatever you do,
 do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31 



  1. This is a very good post and list. Whilst I am a stay-at-home mother, if I was to have to go and find work, I would definitely be working through a list like this before applying for a job! I think this list is very applicable to men/husbands/fathers as well. Fathers cannot raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord if they are not home while their children are awake, and husbands cannot love their wives as Christ loves the church if they spend most of their time at work and never spend time at home in the evening due to long work hours. It's that simple. God will honour a person's decision to find a job that works within proper parameters, even if it means he/she doesn't get paid the highest income because of putting family first. God is the ultimate provider, after all, and no job can be obtained without His say-so or without Him allowing it. Better to have one that is His perfect will than one that He just permits because of our obstinance or determination to be rich!

    1. II was only reading today in "The Excellent Wife" the importance’s of not putting your own desires/dreams ahead of what God has planned for you (“I know the plans I have for you”). If working outside is part of His plan, He will make sure it meets the needs of your family but might not meet your plans for a career. It might result in only working part-time and missing out on work opportunities, but it will mean spending more time with your family. God knows what is best and long hours isn’t best for you, your husband, your children or your home – it’s all about finding the right balance and God knows this better than we often do. Even women at home can loose sight of balance and get carried away with home businesses, blog writing, writing books or outside activities such as church work etc..
      I think before we do quite a few things we should do a list like this – it makes us think of the possible consequences and how it could impact upon our families.

  2. This is such a great post. I am in a situation where I am not able to work atm. I love to work and get out there and will fill my days with volunteering where I can. I earned the qualifications I needed to do the job I really wanted to do but my physical health prevented me from doing it which was so upsetting. Due to my illness I have to be organised as there are days I cannot move so it is always good to have, like you, food, healthy food stocked up in the freezer. I love it, it is frozen ready meals that are good for you and your family.
    When I get a bit better I want to do a job that satisfies me and makes getting up in the morning a pleasant experience, not about the money as being pretty poor suits me(I am also bipolar so the more money I have the more I am going to spend) but it is about the impact on my life and my families x Some great tips here xx

  3. What a wonderful post :-)
    As a fellow 'outside of the home worker' I enjoyed reading your list of balancing home and work life. I do most of the things on that list too -my hubby doesn't vaccum tho ;-) lol
    It's amazing how much just keeping on top of the little everyday things sure helps!


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