What are your plans for today?

What are your plans for today?

On my list I have:

1. Make soup for dinner.

2. Do the washing - after raining all week, the sun has come out, but not sure for how long, so will make the most of it while it lasts. 

3. Clean the bathroom.

4. Cut out three skirt patterns (yesterday I bought 2 metres of black and 1 metre of red to make winter skirts). 

4. Read a little in the afternoon.

5. Talk to the cat (that is always easy).

6. Write and post a birthday card to my cousin who is having a birthday next week.

7. Start a blog post on education. 

And that is about it.  Doesn't sound to bad to me!!

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Yesterday was a busy day for me! I spent most of it in the kitchen. I started out by grinding grains (my workout for the day). Then I baked spelt French bread, Dolly helped me bake a loaf of Sour Cream bread, I started a loaf of Crusty bread (using spelt flour), and I made a Buttermilk Spice cake (also using spelt flour). The Buttermilk cake and Crusty bread were both experiments. The cake turned out perfect, and the Crusty bread is sitting on the bench about to go in the oven in a little bit! It will be interesting to see how it turns out!
    After all that, I prepared all the ingredients etc for today's slow cooker meal which I got up early for this morning - I started the slow cooker about 15 minutes ago (it's for lunch today). I iced the cake with a cream cheese icing.
    And then Dan sweetly washed all the dishes for me while I read aloud to him - we're reading a series of books together (me reading, him listening)!
    Of course, amongst all that I made meals for us to eat through the day, too. :)
    What a day!! Now I'm sitting here and it's growing light outside (it's just after 5:30am), but everything is shrouded in a thick fog. The roosters are crowing and the birds are just starting their morning songs. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun rise in about 15 minutes. It should be beautiful with the fog! :)

    1. You have been busy. I made banana bread as well and discovered that I can substitute apple purée in place of butter and the result was even better, so moist. From now on I will use apple instead of butter making it even healthier.

    2. That's good to know! Personally, I don't think using butter makes it unhealthy because butter is a healthy fat - but using the apple does make it healthy in a different way! :)

    3. No, I agree and it was only a 1/2 cup of butter. But I was surprised at how well the apple worked. I'm stocked back up with butter so won't run out anytime soon:)))

  2. Dear Jo, sounds lovely to me!
    1 I worked in our yard today ( We live on 40 acres)
    2 made Wonton soup!
    3 put some new fake flowers in some outside planters.
    4 Went to the store
    Have a good day! Love, Roxy

    1. Sounds like a nice day. May the week ahead be enjoyable.

  3. Sounds like everyone was catching up on washing on the weekend! We sure did before another massive downpour last night


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