What plans do you have this weekend?

Its balloon season and every morning I get to see these lovely balloons gently glide over the city. It is a very beautiful sight. 

Good morning ladies, oops good afternoon as it is now 12:30pm.  Almost time to think about lunch.

What plans do you have for the weekend? 

I popped out first thing this morning to visit Bunnings (hardware/garden centre) to pick up 2 bags of cow mature (yes, it made the car smell!), 1 bag of composting soil and 1 bag of sugar cane mulch. All used in my raised garden bed in preparation for my autumn/winter veggie crop.  All done (and ticked off my list) and next week I am hoping to plant my first crop of Kale. 

After visiting Bunnings, I thought I would visit the local charity store - love to see what they have. Picked up these 3 green glass flutes (aren't they pretty). Not sure what I will do with them - any ideas?  I do like green glass and even better at $1 per flute. 

I also picked up these little pots on a tray. They look bright and cheery on my window seal in the kitchen. One currently is looking after my tea equipment!! Not bad for $4!! Just love a bargain, especially when it is recycled. 

And what do you think of this very cute chocolate sheep!! The shops are full of Easter eggs and it's not even April yet. But when I saw this cute guys and I thought of my daughter-in-law, she will love it. But not for Easter, just for fun!! My son is coming over shortly to pick it up (I also have a magazine for D-in-L to enjoy whilst she is eating her chocolate).

Time for lunch.

Have a lovely weekend with your families.

PS: I haven't posted a photo of Ruby laterly, so here is one of the gorgeous princess telling me it is her dinner time and could I please feed her NOW.



  1. The hot air balloons are beautiful! Love the little pots and the chocolate sheep! Sounds like you've been very busy in the garden - I really need to get outdoors and do something with our garden... Soon!!

    My father was visiting us this week, so this morning was spent with him (fish and chips for lunch! - but not from the place we bought it with you - we'll never go back to that place again... too much grease!!!!!). After lunch we dropped him off at the airport and then took a leisurely stroll around the shopping centre - mostly window shopping! :)
    This afternoon we're having some quiet time - Dan is doing Bible study and the children are reading. I'm thinking about getting up and doing some sewing shortly.
    Tomorrow will be a quiet day - probably some jigsaw, or reading, or quiet board games... Besides meeting, Sundays are always family times for us (as often as possible) - and quiet - recharging for a new work/school week. :)

    1. I have been looking at my large raised garden bed and knowing I needed to do something but avoiding it. On Friday night i was watching "Better Homes and Gardens" on TV and the gardening man told me (yes me!) that I needed to do my garden beds now (March) so I thought I better listen to him!! Now that they are done I feel quite pleased!!!

      I tend to avoid the large shopping centres these days - they are crowded and noisy and full of temptation that I don't need. I quite enjoy wandering around our local fresh food markets as they have so much more character! And not sure about you - but lots of times I walk away and there really isn't anything I want to buy. So much in those stores, but very little I need or want (perhaps I am getting old).

      Your Sunday sounds lovely. Mine are quiet too, its the one day I don't go anywhere and like to stay home and do quiet calm things.

    2. We usually avoid shopping centres too - but because of that, sometimes it's nice to have a little wander and look around - and yes, mostly we/I walk away empty-handed. But still fun (especially stores that sell books or office/stationary products and sometimes toys - although I rarely buy toys at all!). :)

      Hehe! Yes, I'm sure the gardening man WAS telling *you* to get out in your garden... ;) :D Probably me, too, only I didn't hear him!!!!!

  2. The balloon photo is beautiful! I hope that we can go to the balloon festival this autumn in the city where my in-laws live (in October). :-) We don't see them much, if ever, here.

    Your second hand finds are so pretty.

    Flutes can be used to make simple desserts look lovely and appetizing. Layer in custard, gelatin/jelly, whipped cream, fruit, and crumbled cake in any combination. They're good for individual trifle servings as well. You can google for "recipes for dessert flutes" to find some more ideas. They are so elegant for serving light desserts. You do need long spoons to eat out of them, though. We'd call them iced tea spoons. :-)

    Cats are so funny. We call the bent back ears "the frowny ears" because our cat does that when she's annoyed. Our cat has her own style of telling us it's time to fill the food bowl. :-)

    1. The glasses would be perfect for dessert but you are right, I would need those long thin spoons. I had also thought of using them for candles but then wondered how much mess that would create!

      Yes, Ruby has frowny ears and she loves to use them to look disapproving at us (or the dogs) when we do something she doesn't like.

  3. Hello, I started my Spring cleaning in the kitchen, and now I am off to get comfy and read before bed! Loved the glasses...Love the fluffy sheep, can I eat him??
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. Whilst you are spring cleaning I am Autumn (Fall) cleaning not that I have much to do. I am about to have my lunch and curl up with a book in my favourite chair (its quite cold and overcast today so very nice to be indoors).

      Have a lovely week ahead.

      PS whilst I gave my D-i-L the sheep, I have a cute little cow in my fridge!!! To be eaten one day .

  4. Well, we started tidying up the garden and I have a cake to decorate so that is keeping us busy. I love your little pots they are really sweet. And kitty is gorgeous :)

    1. Have a lovely week ahead:))

      I have been trying to get into the garden and tidy it up (looking a bit messy after a hot summer) - much more work to do which will keep me busy over the next few weeks.

  5. Loved having glimpse into your day. It sounds wonderful, and I picture your warm weather with longing. We are still cold here… beginning to get a little warmer. We are planning our spring garden. Love all of your bargains, they are lovely. The chocolate sheep looks adorable and delicious. Ruby is a beauty. We don't have a kitty at the moment, but have had many through the years and miss having one… 2 dogs and 1 teenager take the limelight these days. Off to my cup of coffee, then time to get ready for Church.

  6. Hello Ruby! Looking very pretty there!!!!!
    I love the little pots - they are very sweet - and what a great way of using them as kitchen gadget holders :-)


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