Finding joy in the everyday 2#


A morning walk in Autumn

Reading in the sunshine

Home-cooked meal

Kale and feta parcels based on spinach and thyme pastries from River Cottage

Where have you found joy this week?



  1. Your Kale and Feta Parcels look delicious. Yes… I am finding joy in a lovely week away at the moment. So blessed to be with some our family for Easter and a much needed rest. Many Blessings to you and yours Jo. Happy Easter.

    1. So glad you had a lovely time with family - they are always memory making moments to treasure later.

      Have a lovely week.

  2. This week I've been finding so much joy in fitting together and finding new meaning in the Scriptures. Sometimes the Word of God seems a bit like a massive multi-generational/multi-century jigsaw puzzle and you can study the varying pieces and enjoy them and even understand them (at least to some degree)... But it's when the puzzle is all put together that you see the full beauty of the jigsaw, and some of the pieces have been coming together for me this year as I study it, and I've been really enjoying that a whole lot! :) So, the Scriptures have brought me a lot of joy this week as a few things came together in my mind. :)

    1. Every time I read the I discover something new, its almost like it is being revealed to me as i need each precious word. it is like a puzzle and I think it takes a lifetime to see the entire picture. Which is why studying God's word shouldn't never be taken lightly or with hast.

  3. Beautiful pictures :-)
    I have enjoyed spending some extra quality time with my little family this weekend.

    1. Sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend. I spent time with my son and daughter-in-law and it was lovely:)) Only a short week this week and another long weekend:) Enjoy.


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