Finding joy in the everyday 3#


Warm memories

I have found much joy in the everyday over the last three weeks at home.  Whilst this time draws quickly to a close, it has created wonderful memories which I will treasure and look back on with pleasure. Memories don't need to be of exciting holidays or a new born baby - memories are made up of fragments of the everyday, which, when you look back, warm you from the inside and make you smile.

Memories are timeless treasures for the heart.

Watching the setting sun

Warm feet snug in slippers

What memories have you made from the everyday?



  1. Yes! I love the everyday memories. The magpies warbling early in the morning. The golden sunlight warming the beautiful view from the window. The children giggling and playing pleasantly together. So many sweet everyday memories.

    1. The smell of mowed grass always brings back childhood memories and when i was making those ANZAC biscuits I was remembering cooking when the children were little. However memories also trigger the sadness that those times are long gone and can not come back.

  2. There are so many things about parenting that I want so much to remember, but the reality is that as the children grow, you are so busy dealing with the moment that you forget half of what you so desperately wanted to remember, besides, they are cute at every age and stage, so how can one memory stick out =)

    1. I have to agree - I was only trying to remember things mine use to do and it all just snippets rather than coherent memories. Sometimes I think there is just too much going on in my brain!! If only I was computer and could delete the rubbish I have put in there, making room for the more important things. Perhaps that improves as you get older. Taking lots of photos does help link back to events and moments and keeping examples of their work also helps (as I suggested on your blog).


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