Good morning ladies

Good morning ladies, 

Husbands are very sweet. 

Mine thought I needed shoes that were strong and sturdy for walking in wet and muddy areas. He didn't like the idea of me slipping and falling. So off we went this morning to find a pair of walking shoes - he wanted to be there to make sure I choose the right ones. Whilst these were not my favourite colour (my husband couldn't understand the whole colour thing), they are very comfortable and fit the definition of "sturdy".  Sadly the red pair that I really wanted weren't in my size so I went for practicality rather than style and colour!!

Whilst we were out, we stopped off to have a coffee (which DH didn't like) and hot chocolate (which I thought was pretty good) before quickly dashing to pick up some Easter eggs for my son and his wife. 

What do you have planned for today?

Once I have done a few chores around the house (the bathroom does need a quick wipe over and I have some hand washing to do) I think I will cut out my next pattern.  I have decided on this 1950's retro fitted dress (or as the American's would call it - a jumper) - black as it goes with everything with this gorgeous deep purple lining. What do you think? The other thing about using black, it covers up mistakes!!

Dinner is cooked (thanks to the Slow Cooker) - goat curry (half has already gone into the freezer) which we will have with rice and naan bread.  Which means I will have plenty of time for reading.

May you all have a blessed Saturday



  1. I started today by cooking Oat pancakes with Master Danny for breakfast (they contain only oat flour - no wheat or anything). Then I did the laundry, did a little Bible study with Master Danny, caught up on my own Bible studies, spent some time chatting with Dan, did some baking with Miss Dolly (the madeira cake in the oven is smelling really nice - we made it with spelt, so it's a bit of an experiment!) and we made a Blueberry sauce to drizzle over top when we serve the cake for afternoon tea - all made with healthful ingredients! Next I need to do a little work on some sewing jobs, and then a bit later I think I'll be doing some reading - reading aloud to Dan (one of our favourite things to do together!!). :)

    Not a super hectic day - but not dull, either.

    I don't need to cook tonight either because we're having leftovers from last night's basmati rice, steamed vegies, and Beef Stroganov (a version from my 'Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe' recipe book - which is why they spell stroganoff the European way). The children made the meal last night and there's enough for us to eat tonight as well! :) :)

    1. I ended up doing slightly more than I listed - the weather improved no end (turning out to be a beautiful sunny day) and being very windy I decided to do a load of washing which dried quickly.

      I also enjoyed lunch with T and K who came over unexpectedly which was really nice.

      And for the last couple of hours I have been re-arranging bits and pieces in the kitchen and lounge room (DH won't be able to find his coffee now!) and that resulted in quite a bit of dusting. I am quite happy with my new changes and less dust!!

      I have cut out the pattern for the dress, now it waits to be started.

      And finally I did my bible study after the children (adult!) left when the house was nice and quite.

      Almost forgot - did a Art Friday segment too which you will see this Friday.

      Its been a lovely day

      I have an Eastern European cookbook, I wonder if we have the same one?!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day! :)
    My recipe book is called "The Illustrated Food and Cooking of Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe". The recipes we've made are delicious, and the Stroganov is the best one I've ever tasted!
    I never ended up reading aloud with Dan (he's had a migraine today), but the night isn't over yet, we'll see how he feels in a bit.
    I did do sewing though, and am feeling rather accomplished! :)

    1. I checked that recipe book out of our library, and that stroganov *is* great! I made it too. :-) I want to try to get a copy of that book. It isn't apparently in print here any more.

    2. Clara/Mary, Mine is called "Russian, German and Polish food and cooking", slightly different title but the same authors and whilst the title doesn't list all the Eastern European countries it contains recipes from "the Baltic to the Black Sea". So I think its the same book.

  3. Sounds like you had a productive day, Jo! :-) I understand about you wanting shoes that were more stylish, as well as appropriate to the need. :-)


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