New Facebook page

To all my blogging friends,

I thought it would be fun to start a Facebook page.

Who knows why we do things like this . . .  but its a friendly way to reach out to others and share the joy.

Below is my new Facebook address and I do hope you join. It will be much less formal than the blog and I do hope a place for feminine conversation (and of course joy in the everyday) and a place to enjoy a nice cup of tea. Beware, I am likely to include recipes, books I am reading, articles I have found interesting, artwork that I love, my cats, domestic activities, quotes, birthdays and anything else that takes my fancy!!  

PS lets see how big we can make this community by the weekend!!

PS Still trying to figure out how to place a 'Facebook" button on my blog - help welcome :)



  1. It's a great idea, Jo! I'm glad you started the page. :)

    1. There is so much sadness in the world - we all need some joy each day and this my little contribution to that:)

  2. Great :-) We really do need more joy in our world :-) Can't wait to see all the positive posts coming through.

  3. I signed up and invited a couple friends so far. I might invite some more.


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