Simple woman's daybook: April


Outside my window

Grey, wet, damp and cold and I love it.
Its the sort of day one stays indoors (with music playing in the background) reading, sewings, cooking or other cosy activities.

I am thankful for

For so many things - the list is endless.

But mostly knowing that God is always with me, through every storm.

I am wearing

Black skirt, black shirt and red shoes.

From the kitchen

Banana bread cooking (my husband's favourite at the moment)

I am learning

To not count my chickens before they hatch!

From the sewing room

Very excited when I visited Lincraft and found suiting fabric for $5.50 per metre - this is great for business style skirts.  I bought 6 metres (black, brown and blue). This can now be added to the 3 metres of black and 2 metres of red that I bought the other day.

All I have to do is turn this into clothes!!  So far I have cut out 3 skirts.
Next is a couple of winter dresses and I might try my hand at a jacket!!

Reading room

Only just started, but so far, so good. 

Do you remember?

Sometimes it's fun to revisit your childhood and the other day we ate some Fizz Wizz. Ok, this is not healthy, never was and never will be. But it reminded me of my childhood when I thought it was pretty special. The version I had as a child had a long spoon in it and a ring around the top.

Some of my favourite things

The changing colours of the leaves

Hugging a fluffy cat

Sharing a meal with friends or family

A quote to share

If you look at the world, you'll be distressed.
If you look within, you'll be depressed.
If you look at God, you'll by at rest.

Corrie Ten Boom

Plans for the new month

Thinking about my husband's birthday later in the month

What will I do during my holidays?

Buying winter fabric and enjoying some sewing in April

Easter - I usually buy an egg or two for each family member. Surprisingly I managed to find a vegan egg at Aldi, no idea what it tastes like!

A picture to share

My grandmother with her eldest child. She was a very beautiful woman and my mother (her youngest child) remembers her as frail and gentle.  Sadly she suffered from depression when no one really understood what depression was all about and were unable to treat it correctly. 

And finally . . .

For all those on the other side of the world, enjoy your spring, I know how much many of you have been looking forward to the warmer weather after such a cold winter. And for us in Australia - winter is just around the corner and I for one, am looking forward to it. Nothing nicer than being warm and cosy indoors!!



  1. Lovely and sunny here today - and the smell of freshly mowed grass in the air! :) I don't mind rainy days either - they are wonderful for reading, playing board games, or doing lots of cooking.... But I do love sunny weather, too.

    Your fabric purchases sound like a lot of fun - I look forward to seeing how they all turn out. I must get back to sewing once I finish school prep!

    Have a lovely weekend, and great holidays. :)

    1. Today is sunny and I can't see any clouds in the sky, but we have been promised rain later in the day. The garden has turned very green since all this rain and looking so much happier.

      I was thrilled to find the fabric so cheap, I didn't want to buy any winter skirts this year - but I really needed some new black ones (they go with everything) and bought ones are so expensive so I thought I would make them instead as part of my current frugal living!! If they work out well, I will share them with you:))

      Have a lovely Sunday

  2. Hi Jo-- your day does sound cozy-- and I love those kind of days as well- perfect for just catching up on things.

    You are so right about how ready we all are on this side of the world for spring to arrive!!!


    1. Thanks Vicki. Enjoy your spring:))) and I am looking forward to winter!!

  3. Can't wait to see your finished sewing items!.
    Hehe I do remember Whizz Fizz!

    1. Whizz Fizz doesn't have the same excitement any more!!! But thats the same with many things we ate as children:))

      Making the first item now, so far , so good!!

      Have a lovely Sunday.


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