He hears our cries

Dear blogging friends,

I write to you from a very grey and cold location - it really does look bleak outside (ssh don't tell anyone, but I am still in my dressing gown and warm slippers!), but according to the weather bureau, once the clouds lift it should be a lovely sunny day.  Sometimes life is like this - all around us looks bleak and cold, but if only we trust in the Lord and lean on Him, we will see the sunshine through the clouds. 

What a week, it was so busy, with book club on Tuesday evening, working late on Wednesday, vet on Thursday and car service on Friday.  I don't like being home late during the week, fortunately it rarely happens and  I thank the Lord as He gave me the extra energy I needed to get through those two long days (God never lets us down when we need that extra energy). However I wasn't looking forward to Friday - I was nervous about taking the car to be service as it isn't something I normally do and I am car illiterate (of course they always ask questions I can never answer and look quite dumb).  However ,all went well - as usual I worried for nothing, once again, the Lord took care of it all as He always does. 

As to the weekend - after the rush of the week, the weekend is much quieter (except for a trip to Spotlight to buy some fabric with my voucher) and calmer. My eldest son came around yesterday to enjoy a cup of tea with me and talk "bike" with his dad (he has just bought a new secondhand motor bike). I always love seeing him :) My youngest is still in much need of pray as he hunts for a new place to live - this is certainly causing me stress at present as  my son is still very fragile. 

On Sundays I had started a "finding joy in the everyday" segment. I have decided to do this on my Facebook page rather than my blog (here is the address).  I do hope you drop by and say hi :)

Tomorrow is Monday - back to the normal, for me that means getting up at 6am and being at work by 7am and back home by 4:30pm. Whilst it may sound painful to some, I know the Lord makes my days bearable and most days are in fact quite enjoyable. 

To those who are going through hard times at present, remember the Lord hears your cries and is there with you. 

Love to you all. 

Jo xx



  1. Wow, you did have a busy week!!
    Our week has been busy too - having a new puppy has totally changed our lives. She is starting to settle in and hardly cries at all now. We spent an evening building her a shelter that we can close her into at nights so she can't run off and hurt herself, and we made a fenced enclosure for her during the day so we can keep an eye on her and train her through these naughty puppy days. :) She's so cute!
    The weather here is lovely - sunny with scattered clouds. We've had a few sprinkles of rain this week, but not enough to reach our water tanks.


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