How our parents shape and influence us

A while back  I wrote about the importances of education. As I was writing this I realised that my thoughts on education have been shaped by my parents. They strongly believed in education and encouraged us as children to study hard and undertake further education. My mothers views were influenced by her parents. 

My love of music and art were influenced by my mother. Our house was always filled with classical music and my brothers and I all had music lessons. My mother encouraged me to draw and paint and was always encouraging in her comments. My mothers love of music and art was influenced by her aunt who lived with her after her mother died. 

My love of reading was influenced by my parents love of reading and they surrounded us with books and reading from an early age. 

My love of gardening was influenced by my father who loves to garden.  I still ask my dad for advice. 

My skills in the kitchen and around the home are a direct result of my mothers teaching  and I still do many things the way she taught me. 

My desire to learn and discover comes from both my parents. 

My creativity and using my hands (i.e. sewing) is a result of my parents and their encouragement in learning new crafts. 

My organisational skills, the need for order and calmness, logical thinking come from both my parents.  I have passed these onto my children (I think it is in our genes). 

Knowing right from wrong, reaching out to people in need, helping, encouraging, being joyful, being positive and sharing are all a direct result of my parents teaching. 

Someone said that I must have a lot of energy to get things done, no not always, but my parents taught me a very strong work ethic and the importances of being disciplined so even if I don't want to do something I can hear my father in the background encouraging me!

To understand me, you need to understand them and the way they were brought me up. And I would except that your views have been shaped by your parents. If you have had a positive rewarding childhood as I have, then the influences from one's parents are strong and enduring.  

Parents play a fundamental role in shaping their children's future. I can see myself in my children and I can see my parents in me.    

But most fundamental in my life was the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, learning to make Him central to my life and without a doubt this was the direct result of my upbringing.  My parents taught us daily and whilst I rebelled for a number of years, that teaching was strong enough to pull me back. 

Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children and we need to get it right. We may not always agree with everything our parents teach us, but looking back critically, I think my parents did a very good job and I think they got the balance right - the balance of being strict with the need to give us freedom to grow and explore. 

Whilst we tweak what our parents taught us when we teach our own children, without knowing, many of the things that influences us as a result of our parents, creep in, often without us thinking. We all become our mothers in some small way!



  1. Yes... I agree. Our parents shape us a lot more than we realise (or want to admit, sometimes!!!)... As the saying goes, "sometimes I open my mouth, and my mother comes out"!!!! :D
    Regarding what you wrote about the things your parents taught you coming back when you were older despite a time of wandering (which I think probably happens to most of us in one way or another), it reminded me of Proverbs 22:6 - "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." The Scriptures contain such wisdom - and such words are an encouragement for us younger parents - we need to stick at it consistently in faith that the things we teach our children will stay with them for life (teaching them with a whole bucketload of prayers, daily!!).

    1. Even without trying we turn into parts of our parents even when we aren't aware of it, others certainly are!!

      Praying for our children becomes a daily activity as they grow older, sometimes it is many times a day - as you say "bucket loads".

  2. Dearest Jo, I think we are very much influenced by our parents. But in my case it was my Grandparents from my Father that really impacted me. I am forever grateful for them!
    My Mother was a very strong women who had to learn to survive many harsh situations.She was in an orphanage. I do believe that I was able to give so much more to our children from even the portion we took away knowing that we wanted so much for our children. I call that breaking the cycle!
    Happy Mothers Day Dear Jo!
    I want to thank you for coming to Link Up at the Party!
    You have been such a faithful blogging friend!
    I enjoy reading what you write so much!
    Blessings Always, Roxy

  3. This is indeed true! I am thankful for the influence of Godly parents in my life.



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