Art Friday: John Sloane

ARTIST: John Sloane

I have done so many Art Fridays that I am beginning to loose track of who I have done and who I haven't!!  I use to have a list, but that got lost in one of my moves and now I try to do it from memory - but sadly, only so much can fit inside my head!! If, on occasions, I share an artist that I have already done, bear with me!! Hopefully it is one that you liked previously!

 I don't think I have shared with you John Sloane, these are sweet and homey and I do like their simplicity and colour.  The painting above sums me up - that would have to be the most perfect way to spend an afternoon!! Perhaps I am attracted to them as I am a farmers (retired) daughter and the land does create wonderful memories of my childhood.

Why does washing on the line create a homey inviting feel?



  1. Love, love, love them! And I wasn't even a farmer's daughter! =)

  2. These are gorgeous! The children loved them too. :)
    I always wanted to be a farmer's wife/live on a farm...
    It'd be too hard for me a to pick a favourite amongst these pieces - I really love them all! :)

    1. I couldn't pick just one favourite - I had a whole heap. I particularly like the ones with the tractors. So glad you all liked them:)

  3. They are not the type of paintings I would usually like but there is something about these ones that grab me! I think they are beautiful :D

    1. I could see myself in each of the scenes!! and even though they are not Australian, I could smell summer or warmth in them!!


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