Art Friday: Part 1: Favourite artists

Part 1: Favourite artists

I have posted just over 200 Art Fridays since 2010. Some have received very little notice, whilst others have been very popular. Over the next two weeks I am going to share with you those artists that have received the most visits (excluding those that have been targeted by really annoying scammers).  Can you guess which ones have been popular?  I doubt you will because I was very surprised. In fact those most popular are an odd collection to say the least.  Did you have a favourite?

14. Marcel Marlier

13. Ruth Sanderson

12. Robert Duncan

11. Susan Rios

10. Andrea Laliberte

9. George Henry Durrie

8. Paul Emsley

7. Books and reading
Over the last few years I have covered a number of topics and several of these have been very popular - "books and reading" has been one of my most popular.



  1. Hello Jo, Art is a part of someones heart! Hope you are well and enjoying your Fall season! We are having a lovely vacation! Thanks for stopping in for a visit and always leaving a nice comment!

  2. I like most of those! (#10 isn't a favourite of mine, but it is nowhere near the worst of the ones you've posted that you knew I wouldn't like!!!).
    Yay that my style of art is popular!!!! ;)

    1. It's interesting to see what is popular!

  3. I can see why most of these are in your top reader favorites. Like Clara, I'm not keen on No. 10, but the others I think show why they were popular. :-)


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