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"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person"
Audrey Hepburn

My dad was so kind the other day, he sent me a bundle of aprons that were once my mums.  Mum was given handmade aprons each year for her birthday, many she never used as she had far too many, but she kept them all. It was these new aprons that dad sent to me :) He still has more that I am sure he will send over time! I don't wear an apron all the time, however when cooking it does protect the clothing!


And on the topic of my sweet dad, he also sent me a bundle of doilies to use. I love a doily on my dinning table, it makes it look so pretty and feminine (and protects the timber). Now I have a few more to use around the house.  Doilies aren't really in fashion these days, but I am sure they will return some day! 


I was surfing the net the other day looking at skirts - I found some beautiful ones, but they had a price tag of $200 (and still made in China)!  I said to my colleague, "I think I will make my own." and this weekend I made a black and white one that is just as stylish as the $200 skirt.


Welcome to June - I have managed to reach the sixth month of year far faster than I intended. I had great plans this year, none of these plans have occurred. However I was reminded the other day that we "pass through troubled waters" meaning the Lord never intents us to remain in these trouble waters for ever - bad times come and bad times go and we need to remain focused on that and trust in the Lord to get us through those difficult times in our lives.  I had thought our troubles would reach a conclusion by June, so far there isn't an end in sight, but I know I Lord know when it will come to an end and I must trust His plans. Thankyou for all your prayers and kind comments :)

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.  Isaiah 43:2


I am currently read Nelson Mandela's autobiography "The long walk to freedom". Growing up I was not fully aware of apartheid in South Africa, it wasn't until I studied it in secondary school did I begin to understand what apartheid really means.  It is difficult to comprehend how one group in society can treat another group so appalling and think it is completely accepted.  This book is a fascinating look at his struggle (along with many other South Africans) and how a young boy from a very poor  rural background become the president of South Africa and considered to be a very remarkable leader. 


And here is some trivia for you: Did you know that Jane Austen novels were prescribed to those suffering mental trauma caused as a result of World War One. Those suffering from the horrors of the trenches and unable to face the demons that still haunted their minds, soldiers were given Jane Austen novels to read as she was one author that "created stable worlds where everyone knew their place and there was always a happy ending". This was considered a comfort to those who had witnessed the horror of war. So the next time you are feeling down, reach for an Austen cure. (source: Good Reading, May 2014)


It is the first week of winter but sadly it doesn't feel like winter yet. Only last week I went out without even wearing tights/stockings - it was still warm enough for bare legs - not something I would have done in previous years.  I do hope winter arrives soon, I have some jumpers to wear!! 


My brother and his wife visited us last week - it was so nice to see family and spend some time together.  Here are some photos I took in May.

Sculpture that reads "Wide brown land". Australia is often referred to as the wide brown land as so much of this continent is flat and brown and dry. 
Feeding the ducks
The very end of Autumn (fall), not that winter has arrived yet - still far too warm for winter. 
The magic of bonsai
Another Autumn photo - looks like it is on fire!



  1. Laughing is great. We should do it more frequently!
    How lovely to get the aprons and doilies! I like both, but neither get as much use as I would like in my home :(
    $200 for a skirt is ridiculous! Good idea to make your own - can you show me a pic?!
    I can't believe it's June already either - there's so many things I thought would be done by now that I haven't gotten done either!
    How interesting that the Jane Austen novels were used in that way - I had no idea! I wonder how well that therapy worked??
    The nights are cool here, but the weather during the day is absolutely beautiful! We've had a little rain lately too, which has been a blessing.
    Beautiful photos, as always, Jo! You are a very talented photographer. :)

    1. I also wondered how the Jane Austen therapy went, I suppose if it made them feel happy whilst reading the books it was a good thing. However in the long term they may have become depressed because they weren't quite as good handsome as Mr Darcy etc...!

      You would want something special for $200!!

      Did you know that doilies were named after Mr Doiley who was a London draper! It was at first an item of clothing -things one discovers:))

      Very cold wind today and the chance of a shower, but back to 17 later in the week. Winter is late I think.


  2. Hello there! I'd love to see a picture of the skirt you made too! I don't really sew quite yet, but am learning the very basics of the machine. It sounds as though you have been busy.. I think we all should laugh daily, it's good medicine for the bones!

    I would never spend $200 on a skirt, that's just highway robbery if you ask me!

    I absolutely LOVE your pictures they are just gorgeous!

    I've been playing with my camera and trying out new settings, it's been so much fun. Roxy and I have been doing little photo shoots around the yard. It's so good to keep our brains sparking!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Jo!


    1. Hi Amy,

      Whilst I have a fancy Canon, some of the photos above were taken on my iPhone which really can be quite amazing!

      I agree, $200 is way too much for a skirt . I will post my new one next week, still have to do the lining. I find YouTube great for sewing tips and I search seeing blogs for ideas. It amazing how much one can self learn from search the net.

  3. Hello Jo. I love to laugh and they say I do make people laugh! And here I have a blog with a devotional type message. I am sewing up a tea cozy today. I will be posting on it in a few days. And I am thinking on doing a theme post once in a while and having a Link Party as a surprise.
    I can understand why they would suggest Jane's novels they do seem to make one feel settled.
    Maybe we should start a summer reading program and your case a winter one :o)
    Miss Roxy


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