My husband dislikes buying furniture

No, not my house - but I do really like the shelving in the background. 

How do you and your husband buy furniture?

My husband does not like shopping and avoids large stores if he can, especially if they have a sale on. 

So we have come up with a novel way to purchase furniture
 (which makes DH happy which is what I like to achieve). 

I go to the furniture store (as I did yesterday) and I take a heap photos (for example of arm chairs and rugs) and send them to my husband.

 Aren't smart phones so handy!

Then I give him a call and we discuss the options. 

I try to provide a diverse range and different prices and based on these we make a decision. 

Then I go off and decide on colour (of the fabric) and make the purchase. 

Yesterday we bought an arm chair, coffee table and 2 rugs this way. It worked very well!!

Now I just have to wait 6 weeks for the chair and coffee table but at least I can enjoy the new rugs and what a differences they make to the space.

PS Have you noticed that lounge suits are getting bigger and bigger whilst most modern houses are getting smaller and smaller. 

On the topic of furniture - I love these old fashion dressers but they are so hard to find secondhand that look this good (certainly around where I live). The modern ones just aren't as nice. 



  1. That is a very good way to do that shopping! :-) You can still do it "together", but he doesn't have to deal with the nuisance factor.

    Those cupboards are called Hoosier cabinets in the U.S. I like them too and would love to have one. :-) I settled for a kitchen cart instead. Click on Google images here. It's quite amazing. I think they must have been more common here.

    BTW - I like your new format! :-)

    1. Whilst we have french dressers here, they aren't as nice as these dressers. I particularly like the workbench which makes it quite different to other dressers. If only I knew a really clever cabinet maker!!

  2. I like furniture shopping - the thing that makes it hardest is the fact that most of it is so far beyond my budget that it's almost a waste of time!
    I like that dresser, too.

    1. I went to Harvey Norman and couldn’t believe the prices – everything was so expensive. Why does it cost $1000 for a timber coffee table? I wanted a single lounge chair (not a suite) and even a single chair was over $1000. It was staggering I have to admit, probably because I rarely go furniture shopping and haven’t seen these prices for so long. I did find one on sale, but once I selected the fabric (that the cat wouldn’t ruin) I wasn’t overly happy as it is rather small considering the cost! It better last years!

      As to the dresser – I have bought an old second hand one which I stumbled across quite by accident – I think from the 1940s. It isn’t flash and does need a sanding and re-paint, but it was $300 and I have seen many for far more. It is being delivered on Thursday so I will share photos once I have all my plates etc.. on display. I have been looking at new dressers – but they lack character/history and charge over $1000 and that is far too much. This one tells a story of some farm house.

  3. Yes smartphones can sure be handy at times!
    We haven't bought much furniture really - come to think of it, only a TV Stand which I didn't care too much for since I don't watch Tv so I let him decide. Other than that we have made great use of hand-me-downs :-) That said, we are well and truly due for a new bed & if a hand-me-down doesn't arrive in time we might have to brave those big hectic furniture stores ;-)

    1. We haven't bought furniture in ages but we needed a few things recently and now waiting for them to arrive. I think we have everything we need for now. Furniture is so expensive , I was shocked at the cost -prices not worth the quality. It's depressing :(( not that you want to hear that:((!!


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