Hand wash or dish washer?

I was talking to a younger man (in his late 20s) the other day who is buying his first home with his future wife.  We got talking about kitchens and I mentioned that we didn't own a dish-washer and never saw any need to own one.  He replied "I couldn't live without one".  He said they have so many dishes each night that it would be a nightmare to wash them all.  I have friends that have rushed out to buy a new dish-washer after their old one had broken as they "couldn't live with out it". 

Can you live without a dish-washer
or are you happy to hand wash?

I quite enjoy washing dishes, it is a nice way to wind down and think of nothing in particular!! Even as a young girl I was quite happy to wash the dishes, however I was never as keen about drying!  

When I am cooking our meals, I don't create lots of dishes and I wash as I cook, so by the time I get to washing the plates after our meal I don't have that much to do.

I may not be as keen about washing if I had to do it like the lady below. It really wasn't that many years ago when many women (especially in poorer ares) had to wash in the bowl (from water they had heated) because they didn't have any running water. We are very blessed these days to have what we have - in fact I think we take it for granted when we turn on a tap in the house and hot water comes out. 

The women of the 1950's were very excited about their new gadgets and manufacturers did everything they could to make the ladies happy - including introducing them to new the dish-washer. 



  1. Hello Jo, I do have a dishwasher and I use it every other night I run it! But really every dish I put into it has already been washed. Really silly in a way; but as you said I enjoy hand washing as it feels relaxing to me also.
    Hope you are well and I also loved the old photos with this post!
    Blessings Miss Roxy
    Hey I was wondering why you do not have a Blog List?
    No matter, just wondering, as I am going to do a post on Blogging!

    1. I use to have a blog list and I am not sure what happened to it - thankyou for reminding me, I must add a new one. I will leave that for the weekend:))

  2. I wash so much stuff by hand already that I wouldn't mind being without a dishwasher. Loved the vintage pictures!

    1. Any excuse to use these gorgeous vintage photos!! As I mentioned below to Andrea - I don't create enough dishes to fill one!!!

  3. I grew up without running water, so I fully appreciate my modern home, dishwasher and all. But I do still wash by hand, it really all depends on my mood, and what is going on with my household.

    1. We just don't create enough dishes to use one and I don't have enough china to have the dishwasher sitting half full and dirty!!

  4. We have a dishwasher - we never bought it, it came with the deal when we built our house - but we've never even turned it on! We're actually thinking about selling it.
    I quite like washing up (I use the time to either think, or to sing), but I'm not a fan of drying dishes. Most of the time the children do all the dishes anyway - it's one of their chores they do to earn pocket-money. Dan and I do the dishes one day each weekend to give the children a day off.

    1. I can't even remember seeing a dish washer in your house!! I would sell it and make some money from it and then use the space for something else.

      I remember when we were getting our kitchen re-designed being asked about including a dish washer. We said no and the man drawing up the plans stopped and said "are you sure, every new kitchen must have a dish-washer". It would have taken up valuable storage space and we would never use it. Our old kitchen did have one and we never did use it!!

  5. With five in the home and with no-one that enjoys doing dishes, we have one and we use it -- on average, about once a day. Believe it or not, dishwashers use less water than hand washing for the same quantity of dishes. Someone is going to dispute this, but providing one rinses then hand washing for three meals will use more water than one dishwasher load. Also, one should not rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher -- scrape the plates off if they have to much food left on them. If the dishwasher doesn't wash without pre-rinsing, then there is something wrong with the dishwasher.

  6. LOVE our dishwasher, and yep, sure couldn't live without it! I rinse bowls and reuse them when i'm doing big cookups but there still seems to be so many dishes!
    I can understand other people enjoying it though because one of my favourite home-duties is hanging the clothes, but I sure know plenty of women who don't enjoy that ;-)


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