Tour of the garden :)

The Arum lily would have to be one of my most favourite flowers. They are elegant, graceful and feminine. They seem to love my garden and flower almost all year round. This is the first flower for winter and hopefully we get many more. When I was a child we had these growing wild in the creeks, they just love wet feet and can grow very large. Both photos were taken in my garden by me.

I spent sometime in the garden this morning. It is cold outside but the sky is blue and sun is bright so it was lovely to be in the fresh air. I went to the nursery first thing and bought kale and snow peas (for eating) plus a heaps of pansies (for beauty)!  I also bought something to brighten up the garden - Mr Pig!!

Mr Pig has joined The Wise Owl next to my apple tree. I was concerned that Wise Owl was all alone and needed a friend, I do hope that Mr Pig is friendly and they can keep each other company.  I really ought to have pulled out the weeds before I took the photo!! At least you can see I have healthy weeds in my garden!

Yes, this has nothing to do with my garden, but as I was coming inside (from gardening) I thought my table looked so pretty with its new doilie (thanks dad). Isn't it lovely with the yellow flowers and baby ducks!! This is one of my favourite spots in the house in winter.

I had a lovely visit from my eldest son, he just popped around to say hi (and enjoy a cup of tea with me) which is always very sweet. He also likes to come around so he can eat his father's lollies. His wise wife doesn't let him eat lollies at home (too much sugar) so he eats his fathers when he visits!! Whilst its sad to see our children grow up, they are such a delight when they are adults!

Time to finish - I need to check the chicken stock that is bubbling away on the stove and I have some letters I want to write - so I better keep on moving :)

Thankyou for all your kind words about my youngest - we will keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward in God's precious care.

Love Jo


PS for those of you who don't visit my Facebook page and missed this link - have you visited Yummly, it is similar to Pinterest but all about food. My son introduced it to me and its looks great when searching for recipes.



  1. Do the lilies have a strong fragrance? I remember the one's at youngest sister's wedding had a very strong fragrance when they were inside the house. I had to put them outside!
    Loved your weeds =) And you do have an interesting pair in your garden!
    Does your hubby like the doilies? Mine doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. These lilies have no smell at all which makes them perfect for indoors, however I rarely pick them as I like to walk past them in the garden.

      Dear hubby hated doilies when we first married but has softened latterly. He does like this one on the table, perhaps because it is big.

  2. Thank you for your garden tour:) It was a nice Saturday repose...

  3. It was fun to see around your garden! I hope your winter produce grows well. :)
    Our garden is doing well - we're eating lovely sweet sugar snap peas, we've picked our last cucumbers, and have been enjoying fresh lettuce for weeks. We have quite a lot of tomatoes growing on our self-sown tomato plants. This weekend Dan and Danny have been preparing (digging up sod, spreading dirt, mixing in manure etc) two new garden beds so we can grow more vegies (Lord willing!). We had a free delivery of very dark red soil which both families have shared - we're hoping it's rich soil and will grow well!

    1. P.S. Your new look on your blog is great! Your blog header is my favourite one of all the ones you've used! :) LOVE it! :)

    2. Clara - I was inspired when i did those lovely farming paintings :) getting back to my roots!!! I have also worked out how to make my page wider which will be so useful on Fridays as the paintings can now be much bigger.

      It is always great to watch food grow and then being able to pick it, very rewarding.


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