A day of rest

Six days may work be done; 
but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest,
 holy to the LORD.
Exodus 31:15


We live in a 24/7 world. 

A frantic lifestyle that has now become our norm. 

No one is willing (or perhaps able) to stop for just one day a week to rest and recharge the batteries. 

We need to "unplug" and make the Lord's Day a day of rest and a time for family. 

There are so many wonderful things you can do to unwind -- sitting in the sunshine with a book (perhaps your bible), going for a gentle stroll and talking, inviting friends or family over for afternoon tea (don't make it complicated and lots of work), writing letters to loved ones or perhaps listening to hymns on a winters day.  It shouldn't be a day that you need to rush to the shops for groceries or for cleaning the house, even dinner can be a simple meal that doesn't involve to much work. Children need to learn that one day a week is special and should be set aside to "unplug" from the world and connect with the Lord.

Sadly, even Christians have lost the importances of the Lord's Day.  

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.
Psalm 37:7



  1. Of course, the commandment to have a day of rest is an old testament law and is not to become something legalistically adhered to now as it was then - and Sunday is not the Christian Sabbath as some people like to claim... But our bodies absolutely do need time to rest, and the Lord's Day is the perfect day of the week to do so. We always do things differently on the Lord's Day - studying His Word, doing quiet family things together and generally taking a break from work etc. This allows our minds and bodies to rest and recharge, as you said. Even the Lord took time apart from the crowds - and being that He was God in flesh, He is our ultimate example. And if He needed time to rest (despite having the power of God who never slumbers nor sleeps), then we (in our weak humanity) certainly can't expect to not need rest!

    1. I think that is the problem with some people, they spend five days at work and them cramp the next two days with so much activities (from sports to parties to barbecues) that they have no time to just sit and breath. By the time Monday comes around they are feeling no better than they did on Friday. I just love to sit quietly (outside in warmer weather) and read or just watch the world go by. It is so calming for the heart and mind.

      I agree about not becoming legalistic - we all have different ways of relaxing that may be different others - but as long as it is a day of "rest". As a child we often went on "drives" which I always loved and perhaps call in and visit family or friends. I also loved our afternoon walks as a family after lunch. I have just been doing my bible study and it was lovely - so quiet and peaceful.

    2. Have just watched "Pilgrimage" with Simon Reeves by the BBC - this point of chilling out, taking time to think was covered well - in fact it is interesting that he admitted that he (and others) don't like silence - don't want to have to think. And that is the thing - if people stop, really stop, and hear the silence, they might just hear their consciences, see God in the world, and that may just be something they are unconsciously trying to avoid! Certainly food for thought.
      Even Christians can be so busy with the Lord's service on Sunday that it certainly is not a time for rest, I don't think this is good either. Unless they believe that we get energy from doing this service?

    3. I have to admit that when I am at home (such as now) I have music playing almost all the time and at work I have ABC Classical on all day. I am not good with silences either. Or perhaps I am a lover of music.

      Christians are often very busy with church activities that can go all day - its as if the modern church sees that they need to put on activities because their congregation no longer no what to do on a day of rest. People have lost the ability to just relax. Is it the need to constantly entertain people because we can no longer quietly entertain ourselves. Food for thought.

    4. I agree about the Christians who fill their day so full with church activities that they're exhausted by the end of the day. That's not rest. I don't even think it's sensible. Yes, we must be busy in the Lord's service, but I don't know that being THAT busy is necessarily the way to go about it - better perhaps to incorporate activities throughout the week so that we can be in service all week rather than cramming it all in on Sunday.

      I LOVE silence sometimes. I can't stand having constant noise; I find it exhausting and overwhelming. We love music, but we only have it on at times. Perhaps I'll enjoy more music when the children aren't making helicopter noises and scrambling through boxes of lego all day long... ;)


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