This illustration by Mary Engelbreit is rather lovely, it really sums up "HOME".

 Mary has captured HOME so beautifully -  a place full of love, joy and contentment. Treasured artwork from the children pinned up for all to see, something homemade hanging on the wall, a postcard from a loved one, flowers on the table, cookbooks in the corner,  two very happy cats watching. You can almost smell those biscuits (cookies) waiting to be cooked.

This is such a cosy warm picture and one I would love to just step into.  

If a stranger walked into your home - would it shout HOME to them, a place of warmth and contentment? It does take some effort to turn a house into a home and one of the ingredients is love. 



  1. Very sweet post. So true. I want my home to feel this way. I love the kitties on the chairs watching her.
    And the birds on the floor. I love all her work! This was a really sweet post. Thank you for coming by.
    Your kind words and encouragement on my "Exhale" post were a blessing.
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. I do hope she doesn't step on those little birds under her feet!!! Her art is always uplifting and joyful. :)))

  2. I want my house to be a home... It certainly isn't a palace, but I do hope it is a place of warmth and love and comfort where people can feel at home. :)

    1. Often a palace (or show home) has a very cold feeling about it - whereas a home that is lived in is much warmer and certainly far more comfortable!

  3. Lovely, cozy picture. ME's art is so cheerful and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I love her artwork - they warm the heart and in world of violences and sadness we need people like ME!

  4. Beautiful post Jo! What a sweet picture. : )


  5. OH I just love that picture! It really does say a thousand words! What a cute one it would be to hang in the kitchen!
    Our house says "home" to us, so I'm not really concerned what others think of it ;-)


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