I am ready . . for quilting

Ladies, I am ready!!!

I started my quilting course last night and it was great. First class was all about drafting our own patterns. In the course we learn how to make 9 different blocks (traditional) and these 9 blocks will become a 2 metre square (almost 2 yards) throw. I have gone for shades of purple.

And to get me going, I have created my very own quilting folder which I will use for ideas, patterns/designs, projects, fabrics ordered etc.. There are so many great ideas hidden away in blogs, Pinterest and in library books, that I don't want to loose them - this way I can copying and placing them in my folder

I have borrowed a heaps of books from the library, started a Pinterest folder on quilting and one on favourite fabric, bought some quilting magazines from the news agency and a box to put my new fabric in.  I have most of the tools I need but I am sure I will gather more as time goes by.

Last week I ordered fabric from Hawthorne Threads in the USA (this is an excellent website and so user friendly) and waiting with great excitement for their arrival. This fabric will be used to make a runner for our coffee table and a throw for the study. Afterwards (once I am more confident) I will make a throw for my daughter-in-law.

I will keep you posted on my quilting adventure. And like most adventures, I am sure it will have its highs and lows!! 

Fabric ready to make a throw (for the study) and a runner (for the coffee table)

Gorgeous elephants

This is for quilting class

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  1. It looks like so much fun! Maybe you can pass on some quilting tips along the way!! ;) Enjoy!

    1. Clara - the teacher will be focusing on the traditional methods of quilting such as drafting patterns (using graph paper) rather than relying on patterns. She will show us hand sewing and machine sewing the pieces and for the quilting. And as we are making a sampler - learn 9 different blocks that can be easily altered to make other patters. It looks like it will be a very useful course that will cover everything we need to know to get us started.

      The classes are run at the quilting/craft fabric store (they sell 1000's of fabrics) which is a bit dangerous to say the least.

  2. Dear Jo, I am so thinking of trying my hand at quilting one day; And I think taking a class would be the very best way for me to learn this amazing art!
    Doing well here very hot days, but we have had much needed rain!
    Thanks for always leaving such nice comments and keeping me encouraged!
    Yours, Roxy

    1. I have always thought it would be too complicated for me, but since having a look at it in more detail I think I can manage!! And I would love to be able to make quilts for others including any future grandchildren so that is what is driving me!!

      Whilst you are having the very hot weather, it is icy cold here - praying that you get much needed rain - we are very familiar here in Australia about the lack of rain.

  3. Oooooo how exciting! Enjoy your classes! I love the bottom picture of those purple coloured fabrics! :-)

    1. Currently making our first block, sewing by hand! Learning all the basis which is great. Nice group of ladies in the class which is a big plus!

  4. I really hope you enjoy this new endeavor! You're certainly going at it in a very organized way. :-)

    1. I'm a bit of a neat freak! So I'm very organised with everything I do :))))


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