Its July . . .

Dear friends and family, 

It's July. 

We have reached the half way mark in 2014. 

Half the year has gone and I don't feel like I have achieved anything I set out to do six months ago. However I have learnt a bunch of things I wasn't planning on learning and they have in fact been far better for me than my own plans. When God intervenes in our lives and changes plans, it is ALWAYS for the better. 

So what have I been doing latterly. Nothing very riveting so I won't bore you with the ordinary!!  However weeks after starting this skirt, I have finally finished it. My hips and waist do not fit a standard pattern so I spend ages fiddling around getting skirts to fit my shape!! This one fits beautiful even if I say so!! It is knee length and looks very nice with a pair of boots.  Suitable for all seasons. Fully lined.

What I wore on Monday. Can you see Ruby, the cat?

I am going to have a break from sewing clothes and move to quilting. Yes, I did start a small quilt in summer and I finished it, however I am not going to share it with you!! The cat loves it.  Due to my lack of quilting skills, a friend and I are going to do a 6 week course (Tuesday nights) starting soon. Hopefully by the end I will be a quilting whiz-kid!! Ok, perhaps not that great, but better than I am currently.  I will let you know how I go!!

I promise progress reports :)

You will all remember my dresser - I had space for a few more glass canisters. Fortunately my favourite French Provincial store was having a 20% sale, which was great news (big fan of sales).  I was able to buy 2 large and 4 small canisters to add to my collection. I think I could fit 2 more small  canisters where the blue bowls are and that will be all I think. 

Those red jugs on the top of the dresser (which can go from the oven to the freeze) are used all the time. I love jugs, and these are quite large and great for mixing. I was so impressed by them I even bought my son one and he loves them too!!

July is a very busy month for birthdays. My brother is having one, my mother is turning 82, my dear cousin has one in less than a week, the dog (Gaia) is turning 8 on the 21st of July, another cousin and several second cousins (I come from a big family) are also having birthdays. In total there are 8 birthdays to remember. Fortunately the dog doesn't requite a card or a gift!! 

So happy birthday to all those having a birthday in July.  I do hope that you have a wonderful and very special day. 

What are your plans for July? 

For those in the USA there will be the 4th of July celebrations, the Canadians have their day on the 1st and not to forget Bastille Day on the 14th of July. And don't forget World UFO day on the 2nd July!! Sounds like a busy month for some.

Ok, time to go and start my July.  
Can't waste away the month chatting on the internet!!

With love




  1. It's a busy birthday month for us as well. Have a great week.

  2. Yes, it is a busy month... Also our winter holidays, which is nice (we're having 4 weeks break). I'm using the holidays to work and to do projects, so there won't be a dull moment around here.
    Your skirt looks wonderful.
    Enjoy your quilting course. I felt so achieved when I made my first quilt last month - I'll send you a pic! :) (I used the book you gave me for my birthday this year - it had some great tips and lots of info that helped!).

  3. love the jugs.......I also use jugs for mixing etc.....making a skirt is very clever....

    1. I like to make my own clothes, besides being cheaper - I get what I want in the fabric which I really like.

  4. I love how your skirt turned out and I love that style of material. Very nice. I love all your canisters too, especially the red jugs. My kitchen is red and those would be a perfect place to go.... I love how pretty all of your foods and stuff go in those glass jars. I have always wanted to do that, but I don't have an open spot to put them all. We have a few birthdays this month, too. It's a very busy month for me as well. With Independence festivities going on and my youngest sons birthday, we have lots to do....

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing.



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