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Just wanted to share a few things with you - firstly, if you haven't already - do drop by my cousin's craft website and check out her knitted beanies. Here is the link. Bets is a homeschooling mum of two gorgeous children, do support her if you can or spread the word. 


Went to my second quilting class on Tuesday. We started our first block - Ohio Star. However to make sure we learn all the basics, we are hand sewing this block. I was surprised at how strong the hand sewn square was.  I do need to work on my cutting!!

Drawing lines on the fabric is now much easier thanks to this ceramic pencil - it glides across the fabric whereas the lead pencil was just too hard as it snagged on the fabric. A few of my new tools - my 1/4inch spacer and my inches ruler (for those in the US, we usually use metric, but as most quilting instructions are in inches all the equipment we use are also inches). 

Almost finished a black lined pinafore (jumper) - hoping to have this finished by the weekend then will share it with  you. 


My new pile of books waiting to be read - I can't wait to get started. A few more on their way - plenty to keep me busy. 


Last day of July - August on Friday. I just wish it would slow down just  a little !


  1. Jo-- I'm so excited about your enthusiasm for quilting-- this time next year you'll be showing us a beautiful quilt you've made!! You never do anything halfway- I just know you are off to a great start with this new passion:)
    Our summer is flying by-- makes me so sad!

    1. Thanks Vicki, I am learning to quilt with a dear friend of mine so I have some to compare notes with and offer encouragement. One of the reasons for learning this craft is that I can make quilts for loved ones as they make such special gifts.

  2. I really enjoy hand quilting - did you enjoy it? I find it very relaxing - and yes, surprisingly strong... And yet I suppose it shouldn't surprise us how strong it is - after all, people hand-sewed EVERYTHING for thousands of years!!

    The ceramic pencil sounds interesting - I've never heard of such a thing, I must look out for one!

    Look forward to seeing how your pinafore turns out!

    I have some of those books on your pile - I really enjoy books written by Cynthia Heald - she is big on making the reader go back to the Scriptures and look things up for themselves, and I really respect that. Can you tell me what you think of those books by other authors when you've read them, please?! :)

    1. I wouldn't choose to hand sew an entire quilt as it really hurts my eyes after a while. But it is good to try some hand sewing. The pencil is very good and will be handy with dress making as well.

      I just have to fix up a small error in the pinafore and finish off the hem.

      I am looking forward to reading Heald, just have to decide which one to start with!

  3. I love to mix, I hand sew and use the machine. Wow, that is a of books to get through. I would love to see the progress on the pinafore so I will follow with interest.

  4. Hi Jo,
    It must be fun learning how to quilt. I have always wanted to...but have never found the time. Those are some beautiful beanies. I will definitely go over for a visit. Thanks so much for visiting my little corner.


  5. This year is going so quickly!
    Beautiful beanies


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