Quick update on my activities

Quick update on my activities

What a busy week thus far - busy nice, not busy bad!!  

Even after a hectic day where I may feel weary by the time I crawl into bed, I still feel so blessed that the Lord has provided me with a suitable job, a loving family, a cosy house and cute cats. I have no complains and very content with my lot in life.  Why would I complain, many people are far worse off than I am. I have many reasons to say "thankyou Lord" over and over again. 

My quilting classes have come to an end and I feel as if I have learnt enough of the basics to go off and make my first quilt (this one will be a gift). This is the start to that new quilt and I am using a block known as a "Disappearing nine patch" and its fun to make.  Looks far much more complicated than it really is. Its my sort of quilting block!!

I had a birthday last week (yes a year older but I am not sure if I am any wiser). I went to the Craft and Quilting Fair in the morning (and came home with more fabric and bits and bobs for quilting, as one does!!) and in the afternoon my sons and daugther-in-law took me out to lunch.  It was a beautiful day and I felt very blessed and spoilt.  I received lots of lovely gifts, however son and his wife gave me the most interesting (besides a book) - a cat (above) that looks very much like a bear!! I call her my Catbear!! She is very soft and looks pretty sitting in the corner!

Spring is in the air - still a bit cold but there is a hint that warmer weather is just around the corner. I noticed that my first jonquils are flowering, the snow peas are doing very well, the kale is almost ready to eat and I can't wait until the sweet pea started to flower.  The Australian wattle is all in bloom (not that my husband is excited as it gives him hay fever) and looking gorgeous. I just love the golden colour. 

Whilst I was at the Craft and Quilting Fair I picked up some ribbons - aren't these just gorgeous. No idea what I will use them for, but I am sure one day when I am blessed with a granddaughter they will become very handy!!

And a very special thankyou to all the wonderful ladies out there who have left encouraging comments that I have received over the weeks. I love hearing your views on topics that I write about and I don't mind if you disagree with me.

And I will leave you with these bright and cheery yellow skirts. I am on the hunt for some bright yellow fabric so I can make for myself. Yellow goes so well with navy. 

And do check out my blog on Monday as I have a young guest writer sharing her sewing and handicraft skills.  Miss Holly is 10 years old and a talented seamstress. 



  1. Your disappearing nine patch is lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it! :)
    I love the trim you got that has the cats and fishbowls - it's SO cute! :)
    Regarding the yellow clothes - I think I only like the one on the far right, personally. I love summery yellow clothes, but I much prefer the darker skirt matched with the yellow cardi.
    I think this coming week will be very spring-like for us... The forecast is for 24-27ºC for the next 7 days! Yay! I LOVE warm weather, especially spring and autumn. :)

    1. Whilst I love yellow, I can't wear it near my face ( makes me look ill!), but as a skirt is is far enough way to be ok!!! I think Miss D would love doing the disappearing nine patch !! Enjoy the warmer weather our turn will come soon!

  2. Your disappearing nine patch is stunning well done, looking forward to watching the quilt grow. The ribbons are delightful, I particularly liked the hungry caterpillar.

    1. My favourite ribbons were the cats, but I did like that hungry caterpillar!! I will share with all the progress of this quilt, I am doing it slowly so not to mess it up!!

  3. Your quilt is going to look amazing. And happy birthday.

  4. Happy birthday - it sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    Oh i just LOVE your cat bear - she is gorgeous!!!!!!!! :D
    I agree that navy and yellow look fabulous together!


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