Dispatches from the Front: Review

A while ago I wrote about Christians isolating themselves from what was happening in this world, literally placing themselves inside a bubble. This concerns me as only focusing on our ('comfortable') lives can quickly make us inward looking and ignore the plight of those far less fortunate. We need to be aware of their struggles and not put our heads in the sand (but of course that doesn't mean going overboard in the opposes direction).  With this knowledge we can pray for others and perhaps make a small differences to just one other person.

Two of my cousins (thankyou) suggested I watch the "Dispatches from the Front" series by Frontlines Missions International.  I was able to borrow six of the seven DVDs and I loved them. They are excellent and I would highly recommend them to others. 

Tim Keesee takes you on a journey to different parts of the world and shares with you the struggles that new Christians face, the threats they receive from non-Christians, the history of the countries he is visiting, the planting of new churches and the converting of the locals.  Some of the stories are beautiful, others show the despair and anguish, the neglect and the sick and the forgotten. He pulls back the curtain on some of the saddest areas of our globe. He doesn't sugar coat the stories, Tim tell it as it is. They are confronting at times, but I think we need to see and know the truth. Remember the Bible is confronting in parts and we don't avoid those sections. 

You can't walk away from this series without being moved and at times with a tear or two.

But what is most inspiring is that God does work in the most mysterious of ways, He finds a way to get into countries using a few good men and women who are willing to risk their lives to spread the gospel. They don't push it down the throats of non-Christians, they often come and help in the most unusual of ways (e.g. water pumps and coffee!) - they walk the talk. They show the non-Christian's what Christ looks like. They convert one person who then converts another and another and another. It is a long campaign but God has patiences and He knows no borders. These new Christians have a simple faith and it is one about trusting in God for all things. 

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15

However these Christians are often beaten (or killed), thrown out of their homes, disowned by their families, tormented by others, all because they have become followers of Christ. They have become transformed and set free, once broken now whole, their thirst has been satisfied and they are willing to be treated as less than human to hold onto God's precious words. They are new. 

The one thing they all want is the Word of God written in their own language so they can read the Bible whenever they want.  When you pick your bible today, remember, there are so many who would love to do something so simple. 

There are seven DVDs in the series, each goes for almost an hour.  I am assuming that over the years we will see this number of DVDs increase. 

Episode 1: Southeast Asia
Episode 2: Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro
Episode 3: West Africa
Episode 4: India
Episode 5: Ethiopia and South Sudan
Episode 6: South Asia
Episode 7: North Africa

Tim Keesee has just released the book that compliments the DVDs and its well worth reading too.  What I liked most about this series (and the book), it isn't about creating big missionaries, or even about being noticed, it is ALL about spreading Gods word to those that so badly need it.  As Tim writes in his book "On the front lines of gospel advance, there is no medals, no helmets or swords - just men and women transformed and driven by the gospel to take the message of Christ to the next city or country or next door.  By their lives and witness, they magnify the greatness of their Captian"

If you have never heard of this series, I would highly recommend it. They are excellent for adults, would be very suitable for teenagers as part of their learning, great to share in a church environment or as part of a bible study series. They would make an excellent resource in any homeschool and a perfect gift.  They remove our heads from the sand and show us what is happening outside our homes and they arm us with knowledge that we can use in our daily prayers and bible study. 

Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. 
(Philippians 2:9-11)



  1. Jo, thank you for sharing this. We are good friends with some Christians on the front lines in other parts of the world, and their stories are both heart-breaking and incredibly encouraging. I'm going to forward this link to a friend of mine, and see if she's heard of these DVDs or has them.

    1. Do spread the word, I had never heard of them and they need to be shared. I think they would be excellent for anyone thinking of becoming a missionary – in fact one of the DVDs (number 6) looks at one family who moves their family to the other side of the world to spread the word. It was very inspiring and requires a special sort of family.

  2. These DVDs are excellent - I haven't seen #7 yet, but can't wait to borrow and watch it, and I'm really looking forward to reading the book, too, when it's available to be borrowed! I think some of these DVDs are good for children, too - there's one or two that aren't, but most of them are great. Our children have watched a few of them and have come away with hearts for the gospel, and hearts that pray often for people in these countries that are under persecution or haven't heard the gospel yet. In fact, these DVDs have made our children quite fervent in their desire to spread the gospel and put Bibles into the hands of those who need them! :) I agree with you - I couldn't recommend these DVDs strongly enough. They are a MUST-SEE for believers, in my opinion.

    1. Clara,

      I have decided to go ahead and buy the 7 DVDs from your sister as they will make a great resource to share with my family and one that I will certainly re-watch. Since watching the one about Liberia and hearing recently that the deadly Ebola virus is on the rise in this very poor and desperate nation, I have been praying for those Christians who might be at threat. This would test anyone’s faith. I noticed that the DVD on India had two versions – one suitable for the family (which I watched) and one with animal sacrifices (which I didn’t watch). I was impressed by this care they had taken. Absolutely – a must see.

  3. They sound very moving. We had a lady visit our bible study group last week talking about how families often abandon the newly converted Christian in the area where she is a missionary. So sad :-(

    1. If you decide to buy these, Heidi Bristow has a great deal, much cheaper than elsewhere .


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