Happy Father's Day


So much emphasis is placed on the role of mothers in a child's life we sadly forget that dad is just as important as mum. Both bring special gifts to the role of parent and both are equally as important. 

Dads shouldn't be away from home so long each day that he doesn't have time to play with his children.

Dad shouldn't be so exhausted from all the hours that he puts into his job that he hasn't got time to read to his children.

Dad shouldn't be so stressed with financial matters that it makes him sick and misses out on special moments with his children. 

As wives and mothers we need to take care of our husbands (our children's daddy) so they can be the best father ever and create the most precious memories for their children. 

Wives and mothers - take your role as helpmate seriously and share the load with your husband so he can be the dad your children deserve.  Fathers need all the support they can get in this tough cruel world and now more than ever, they need a home to come home to that is warm, loving and full of joy.  They need to be loved and taken care of, they need to feel wanted and needed, they need to know that they are relevant in a world that wants to minimise the role of men and discounts the importances of dads. They need to be told that what they do is important to their family.  

** Happy Fathers Day ** 



  1. A beautiful post. Daddies are so important.

    1. Thanks - sad that men are now feeling unsung and unwanted :(

  2. A delightful post, you are so right Daddies are so important and should play a really important role in the upbringing of children, that is what a family is...

    1. Thanks - dad need to feel important in a world that just doesn't see the need for them. Very sad.

  3. Very important points, Jo. I'm not sure why the role of father has become so unimportant - after all, the Scriptures are full of references to God as our Father - obviously the role of being a father is very important to God! And yet... this is so overlooked today. Very good reminders in this post - we can certainly play a role in helping our husband be the best daddy possible!

    1. I wondered if women have lifted their role as mother as being "really" important and pushed dad out, making him feel that he isn't anywhere near as important and not really given him the opportunity to be a father to his children. How many women bad mouth their husbands in front of their children, put him down and treat him badly (of course dads do this too). I think men are having a bad run at present.


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