How has September faired?


Sunday 28th September

A perfect spring day

Outside my window

What was once a lovely garden has all been cleared ready for a studio to be built in October 

A new fence

The perfume of spring

I am thankful . . .

For the sunshine, rain and spring

Having the most wonderful dad who I can have long conversations with

For a smooth and problem free month of September

I am wearing . . 

Long pink and grey stripped skirt, white t-shirt and pink cardigan. 

I can hear . . . 

Birds singing

Music playing

Neighbours mowing their lawns

Whistling from my husband

In the kitchen

A bowl of homemade hummus

Fresh pineapple and sultana muffins making the house smell yummy

Indian lamb curry (defrosting for dinner)

New measuring spoons to measure a drop, smidgen, pinch, dash and tad! Will be use to make non-dairy yoghurt for my sons. 

Around the house . . . 

Dust, it just keeps coming back!

Now that the weather is warming I can open the doors and windows and let in the fresh spring air

In the sewing room . . .

Busying sewing two quilts to give away as gifts

Learning from craftsy classes (these are excellent)

Sorting through the new quilting fabric that has arrived

On my mind . . . 

That the studio goes up smoothly and we settle our son in quickly

Praying that my daughter-in-laws was successful in her interview

My sister-in-laws recovery after a long infection

The threat of terror that our government keeps telling us about

I am reading . . . 

Walking Free by Munjed Al Muderis

Pressing toward the mark by N. Simon

About to start "Uncommon Beauty: 7 qualities of a beautiful woman" by Cynthia Heald

A quote for the day . . . 

Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of youthful looks, you may depend upon it. Charles Dickens

Plans of the coming month. . . 

Jam making

Book club

Visit friends at their rural block

Help in moving of our son's belongings as he is moving back home

Completing two quilting projects for gifts and starting another one for my daughter-in-law

Think about Christmas

Some photos to share . . . 

The new fence - Charlie the cat was a bit worried when the old one came down - she thought the little dogs from next door would come and get her!
Quilting fabric I bought recently
My Victorian sponge - very pleased at the result and everyone loved it :)
 Excuss the not so pretty "plate"
My new ironing board (and cover) which will make quilting much easier, much stronger and bigger than one I have been using
Ruby helping me quilt:) She can be very helpful. 
Keeping watch over his bowls.



  1. Your animals are just too cute for words, that Victoria sponge made my mouth water. The new quilting fabric is delightful.

    1. Thankyou:)) Sadly all that sponge has done, none to share!!!

  2. A very interesting post. :-)
    I love the pink polka dot fabric. I have some very like it.
    The Victorian sponge looks delicious!
    The cat quilt is coming along great, and of course, Ruby is always beautiful. :-)
    And, "puppy dog" is so cute. :-)

    1. I do like spots!!

      Sponge cake was good according to my friends.

      Puppy dog has been in trouble for barking at the possums late at night, at 2:30 am this morning didn't make us very happy!!. I just wish the possums found another home as they are very disruptive.

      Ruby is currently on a diet!! and she isn't overly impressed.

  3. You have some lovely fabric there, Jo - looking forward to seeing what you make with it! :)
    Your sponge cake looks delicious! I'm not sure if I ever made a sponge cake like that. I made a few sponge rolls many years back - my mother was teaching me to make them before she died. I've never made one since though.
    Big ironing boards are a must-have when you're doing quilting and lots of sewing, I think. I'm not sure how I would get by without mine!
    September has been a very busy month for me (is any month not a busy month??!)... I've done LOTS of sewing this month, with lots of lovely projects stretching out before me as well, Lord willing!!! :)

    1. There is SO much beautiful fabric available, its just so tempting :( I have enough to make plenty of quilts now!! unless it is for a boy, then perhaps my fabric is a little to feminine!!

      I remember cooking sponges as a teenager remembering they needed to be treated with care. This recipe was just so simple and far more difficult to get wrong. My mother and I experimented with both the sponge and the roll.

      I don't know how I have managed with a tiny ironing board - this one is so good. Its funny how one can get excited over something so ordinary!!

      I think it is good to have busy (productive) months, its a good feeling. Looking forward to hearing about your new projects, they are always inspiring!!


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