Art Friday: Stephen J. Darbishire

Art Friday: Stephen J. Darbishire

I love these, I do hope you do to. To me, this is what "home" looks like (pets included!!!). 



  1. Some beautiful pictures, such a delightful post.

  2. Very cosy and romantic! I love the country feel to these paintings - and the country views outside the windows and doors makes them perfect!

    1. I wonder if these paintings are based on real homes/cottages that the artist has seen, such as the corner fire place. They are very cosy and I do love the country feel to them, perhaps that is why I am attracted to these sorts of paintings.

  3. Very restful domestic scenes. All of them would be pleasant to at least visit. :-) I like the thick walls. My husband has talked a little about building a straw bale house, which would mean thick walls and wide window sills. It's interesting to see them featured in these paintings.
    I especially like the corner fireplace with the window in it. Very interesting!

    1. I do like the thick walls too - great for window seats. And restful is a great way to describe the scenes, they certainly are :)) I watch the BBC program "Grand Designs" when it is on TV and occasionally they have couples who decide to build a straw bale house, they are meant to be very good for temperature control - perfect all year round.


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