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Since I started sewing almost 2 years ago, I have been building my pattern collection so I have a range of different outfits I can try my hand at. With McCalls/Butterick's having a pattern sale this week, I thought I would spoil myself and buy 4 new patterns. Whilst it can be difficult to find feminine clothing in the store, there are plenty of modern patterns that are lovely and feminine and you can alter the hem length, neckline or add sleeves if you so wish. 

I am still a novice at dressmaking but I am willing to trying things that perhaps are out of my comfort zone. A few months ago I lined a dress and was so pleased with the end result I will certainly do it again - in fact I surprised myself with how well it worked. Youtube is an excellent source for sewing tips and tutorials.

My next sewing project will be one of the dressers below - they all look great for summer and very suitable for work.

To help with my sewing and hopefully do away with the need to buy some patterns, I have purchased two courses from Craftsy "Pattern-making basic: The bodice sloper" and "Pattern-making basic: The skirt sloper". If you haven't used Craftsy courses before, I would highly recommended them - some are free and others have a cost and I just wait for them to have sales and both these courses I purchased for 50% discount. I have been using one of their free quilting courses to help with a quilt I'm making and have found it very useful.  I have also purchased a bread making course (sour dough) and can't wait to do it.  In fact these would make excellent courses for homeschooling and once purchased, you keep them for life. 
Butterick B4386

Aren't these just lovely and what a great length and neckline. My favourite would have to be the black and white square neck that the model is wearing. 

McCalls M3129
I find jackets expensive so I thought I would try one myself - how hard can it be!!! I will let you know!

McCalls 6996
McCalls 7022

I've never sewn a pleat before - first time for everything!!!
Butterick 4933 - an old pattern I use to own and glad I found it (uncut) on Ebay.  This one covers the tummy so ideal for me!!
Blouses are so expensive so I would love to make my own - got these two patterns to practice my skills - these would be great in summer.  I have just ordered some cotton fabric from Hawthorne Threads to try and make the Butterick pattern above
And finally, I just love this WW2 style skirt - I plan to make the grey skirt with its pointed front and two pleats. I think it will look very elegant. Just need to find the right fabric!!



  1. Some wonderful patterns, great choices very similar to my what I would choose for myself.

    1. I do hope I can manage them, I haven't been sewing for that long! Up for the challenge.

  2. Hi Jo, I used to make jumpers years ago, but I really need some help and a resolve to start sewing dresses. Maybe it would be best to start with a skirt pattern.
    I will check out a sewing course for myself I think! I will check out this site you shared!

    1. I started with skirts and can now make them with my eyes closed!!! but I need tops and I do love dresses and as they are so expensive, I would like to be able to make them myself, just the way I like them to fit!! The courses are great.

  3. Patterns are SO fun. One of my favourite parts of the sewing/dressmaking process is picking a pattern and matching it with the perfect fabric!! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations - and yes, I love Craftsy and have collected quite a lot of free patterns and courses, and I also bought myself a sewing stretch knits course (at 60% off normal price!) because I don't have much experience in knits and would love to be able to learn how to sew them well. :)

    1. I must purchase the stretch course next time they have a sale as that is something I need to learn, I am sure I can make better T's than one can buy in the stores!!! I do enjoy selecting the fabric and trim when sewing!!! it is fun :)

  4. How I would love to have professional dressmaking skills! It's so hard to find beautiful, well made clothing that is both stylish and modest. I look forward to seeing your projects.

    1. I am hoping with practice I will get there. . . . one day!!!

  5. Love reading about your sewing things :-) I learnt to sew when I was pregnant because I was so small that even the smallest size maternity clothes didn't fit me!
    I have in the past loved making patterns for my daughter and myself but I don't do much of that these days, I'll just sew something from a pattern if I find something I like. I have lots of clothes and no real need for any more lol, and I used to live so close to a great fabric store that was so cheap but I find now that buying fabric is so so expensive so I only sew if there's something I'm really keen on making!

    1. I either buy my fabric when on sale (Spotlight usually has a 40% sale in December) or buy from overseas when I can pick up fabric for $10 a yard which is much cheaper than here. I really don't need any more clothes, I have plenty, more than I need. Which is why I have switched to quilting - I can still sew, but not clothes!!!


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