Art Friday: Gaetano Bellei

Art Friday: Gaetano Bellei
1857 - 1922

What I love most about these paintings are the smiles and joy on the faces of the children and their grandmothers. We live in a society that does not always value the elderly and see them as a burden, these paintings show quite the opposite. 



  1. There is nothing nicer than a love of a Grandchild, the paintings really show the joy.

    1. I sadly never knew either of my grandmothers and it is the one thing I miss from childhood. But I did have two special aunts that made up for it.

  2. I love the joyfulness depicted in most of these paintings! The artist has captured the elderly with dignity and honour. Beautiful! :)

    1. He has I think he is one of the best when it comes to the elderly (women in particular) and their joy :) Very dignified, which is so lack in our portrayal of the elderly these days.

  3. Hi Jo, These displayed a Grandmother's love very well! I have always enjoyed that first one, and really found these new ones delightful! Hope you are well! I always want to be that kind of grandmother...
    Yours, Roxy

    1. Hope your week has been lovely :)) I hope (God willing) that I will be this kind of grandmother when I have grandchildren:))
      Have a wonderful weekend Roxy.

  4. Love Clare's comment...with dignity and honour.
    Yes the love of a grandchild is special, so very special. Unconditional....oh how we love our grandchildren. A wonderful blessing to cheer and uplift the soul.
    Thank you for these wonderful paintings. They radiate love and joy. May we keep these images in our mind to be reminded ...if we try to spread our love and care it will return in time.

    Alexa Blogging from Sydney, Australia

    1. So glad you enjoyed them, so very true - they do radiate love and joy, I must see if I can find out if the model of these paintings is close to the painter as they do look like it.

      Thankyou so much for dropping by:)


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