Favourite books in 2014

The year is fast coming to an end, so its a good time to ask:

What have been your most favourite books this year?

Please share with others what you would highly recommend.

What has moved you to tears?

Made you think?

Wanted to tell someone else about it ASAP?



  1. "Will Our Generation Speak?" by Grace Mally. This book *really* made me think. Well worth reading!

    1. Haven't heard of this one - must check it out.

  2. Have read quite a few great books of all different kinds, I don't think I could pick out one big favourite! Lots of things make me cry, so I don't necessarily see that as making a book superior, I cry at ridiculous things =)
    I think I have already shared quite a few book suggestions with you this year, not that I can remember them all though =)

    1. I couldn't think of just one when I wrote this!! I am also the tearful sort so don't worry !!!


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