Homemade Harissa makes for a happy husband

What job/task/activity do you do that you do for your husband because it makes him happy?

Mine is making Harissa. 

I don't like making it, it makes my eyes hurt, I start to cough and even though I wear gloves I can still taste chilli on my hands. And, I do not like hot chillies and I don't eat Harissa. I can't even eat what I make.

However, dear husband loves my homemade Harissa so I make it for him and it makes him happy.

I think one of the problems with modern marriages is that many wives no longer do special things for their husbands just to make them happy.  Sadly, we live in a very selfish world where we no longer think its important to "think" of others, in particular our spouses. 

The recipe I used was similar to this one, however I used many more chillies than the recipe recommends: http://www.coffeeandcrumpets.com/harissaa-most-versatile-hot-sauce/

And like any cooking - the dishes need to be done, but at least with Harissa, there isn't very much to wash. 

I do love the red colours when completed. Its very Christmasy. 



  1. It looks delicious but I am not a fan of chilies either. I always make my husband a chilli con carni which I detest but its one of favourite meals.

  2. Dan wants to try this. I don't have to make him chili sauces - he loves experimenting with them himself! But I do make meals and foods for him that I don't like, just because I love him. Over the years I have even learned to enjoy some of them myself!! :)

    1. I use birds eye chilli ( around 300g), those longer red chilli (around 10) and one capsicum . I don't remove the seeds from all the chilli, only around half. It's best left to mature for a few weeks . I'm told it's great on steak!!

      I made marmalade jam even though I don't like it and Im making more curries because DH loves them and I'm finding recipes that I like too.

    2. Yes - don't remove the seeds if you want to have heat in it; they add a lot of heat!

      I LOVE marmalade - as does my whole family. I can't wait until we get a good crop of oranges from our orange trees. Mmm... Delicious!!

      I didn't like curries when I was younger, but I started making them for Dan and now I really enjoy curries. And the same with chili (chili con carne) - I didn't used to like it at all, but I found a good American prairie chili recipe and now I LOVE chili!! :)

  3. Split pea soup. I make it b/c my husband loves it but I don't care for it. You're right; it's one way to show our love :)

    1. I do love split pea soup! My son loves it, but his wife doesn't so instead he comes around to my house and has a big bowl - that way he doesn't upset his wife and he can still enjoy the soup!!!


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