Art Friday: Steve Mills

Art Friday: Steve Mills

No, theses are not photographs which makes them even more amazing! I love the seaside ones in particular.

How has your week been? We only had one problem this week - a storm went over on Thursday evening (the rain was very welcome) and a limb from our very large Gum Tree broke and landed in the garden. Whilst it made a mess, I thank the Lord it didn't touch the car or garage (just missing them) so the cost isn't financial. Our son spent a few days in Melbourne and had a wonderful time - it is now a place he is considering moving to one day. He loved the fact that there were so many vegan restaurants that he didn't need to even look for places to eat as there were so many choices.

Work went smoothly, my back is recovering, I have started a jigsaw and working on a number of sewing projects. 

Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you all in the new week.



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    1. A great talent. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh, Jo, you must have picked this artist with me in mind!!! ;) I LOVE this work! It is incredible - I aspire to this kind of realism!

    1. I meant to comment on what you wrote, but I got so amazed by the artwork that I nearly forgot!
      So glad to hear that you didn't sustain any damage from the storm/branch, and that your son had a great time in Melbourne, and that you back is recovering. I started a jigsaw last week (a scenery one) that is really difficult, so I haven't made much progress yet. Our week has gone really well - I can hardly believe it's almost over. We started back at school on Monday (impulsively - two weeks earlier than I had scheduled, which now gives us two weeks of holidays to play with through the year when we want extra time off school!)... The children are so excited and they are loving the new school work I organised for them to do this year - so much so that they beg me to be able to do more every day! I didn't get much time for sewing this week, which has slowed down the progress on my current project - but the weekend is around the corner and I might be able to do more sewing then. :)

    2. So glad to hear that they are enjoying school so much. They always makes teaching them much easier.


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