Art Friday: Windy days

Art Friday: Windy days

We all know the dangers of a windy day - trying to keep hats on, skirts down and umbrellas from running away. 

The artists in these paintings have created the feeling of a windy day so beautifully and for some ladies, I was very concerned about their hats and hair!!

However every woman loves a windy day if they have washing to dry!!

So keep your hats on and don't get blown away with all the windy art this week. 

Wet And Wind Day by KJ Carr

A Windy Day by Sir John Lavery (Irish, 1856-1941)
'A Windy Day' by Gary Bunt
A windy day in Paris
Boreas by John William Waterhouse

“A Gust of Wind” Gaetano Bellei (Italian, 1857-1922) 

Inge Look
"Strolling Along the Pier" by Sherree Valentine Daines
"Free" by Mark Keightley
Windy - Coby Whitmore
‘Wind’ by Rhads
By Edward Gordon

However, we all know how good a windy day is for drying the clothes!!



  1. Windy here last night, but not now - just more warm weather! My favourite would be those two old ladies using the wind in their umbrella to skate =)

    1. Its a little windy now as a thunderstorm heads our way - sadly I don't think this one has much rain in which would be very welcome as it would cool things down.

      Those two ladies have quite the ball in many paintings, I do enjoy them!!

  2. I really love wind. Well - not the kind that is dangerous, damaging kind of wind. But I love breezes and ordinary winds. In fact, we could do with some wind around here lately; it's been really still, which makes the weather feel a bit worse than it really is. Actually, thinking about wind reminds me of what I read in Revelation recently, where it says that God will have angels hold back the four corners of the wind so it won't blow at all for a time - can you imagine the dead stillness all around the world and the effect that will have on the weather?! Ugh!

    My favourite pieces of art are the last three. The hanging of the washing ones are very feminine, and the one of the window is very detailed! :)

    1. I love wind in my hair - I often think when I see when women all covered in head veils how much they are missing with the wind blowing through their hair. Wind is also great for drying the washing! But no, I don't like those very strong winds, especially the northerly winds that come of the interior of the country that bring those very hot dangerous days in summer.

      You can just imagine the angels holding back the wind can't you - its a very visual description.

      The third painting from the bottom is a fav of mine, but I do love the ones where the clothing shows such movement.

  3. Happy new year to you, once again some beautiful art work.

  4. Hello Jo, I am relatively new here. I absolutely love you art days. I try and share them with my 87 year old mother who was a gallery owner for many years. We have a great time reminiscing over the depicted art for the day. I love movement in art, the wind, water, and body movement. These are wonderful and some are lighthearted and fun - O'dear!! Thank you for sharing.


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