Everyday life . . . in photos

My perfect scene in life!! If only I could do it all day long!!
Painting by Vladimir Volegov

It is lovely to be at home during the day -- sitting in the garden contemplating life and watching my little world go by.  I would love to be able to do this all the time, especially when the weather is warm, sunny and not too hot (as it can be in summer) as it is presently. But, this is not to be at present so when I can, I enjoy every minute of it. It can be tempting to get annoyed and feel sad and frustrated about not being at home 24/7 -- but then I remind myself, this is God's will and not mine and He knows what He is doing even if at times I don't understand.

I have been on extended leave (6 weeks - I took leave that is called Long Service Leave in Australia) and these are some of the photos I took during my time at home. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!

Here is one of our favourite spots to sit, its cool, peaceful and quite serene among all the trees. Our garden is full of trees, including a very large gum tree that provides shade and a sanctuary for the many birds that visit or live among the branches. The other day I was sitting quietly reading, enjoying my mug of tea when the birds decided it was time to all "talk" at once - what a noise they made, Charlie (the cat) thought it was so exciting to see so many birds around - fortunately they were all very big birds and she can't catch them. 

I do love these big mugs I bought from Costco. I have 6 of various colours, yellow is my breakfast mug and orange is the evening mug - I leave the blue and green for others and I find them to dark for a cheery mug of tea!! Whilst I like pretty things, I also like very practical mugs - ones that are large and keep my tea as hot as possible - dainty china just don't do that!!

Here is another view of that special place where we all like to sit.  We are never alone in the garden,  this friendly little chap in the red hat keeps an eye on us!! The bottom photo is my dear husband painting our son's studio green so it blends in with the garden. Charlie, our cat loves to walk across the roof and check out the neighbours dogs. I love how cats have no fear of heights and are careful when jumping down so they don't hurt themselves. 

This is a new addition to the garden, I found him at the local hardware store (Bunnings), a favourite place of mine. I thought he looked very regal and can watch over our sanctuary! It's these little places in our garden that keep my calm and happy with life. I might spend all day in an office, but I know that I have these wonderful little places await for me to enjoy when I get home. 
More little things in the garden. My husband and I like to add little things of interest to our garden, usually hidden in places you least expect. 
Our garden isn't full of flowers at present, its perhaps more rustic and wild than a cottage garden - but these Agapanthus do add colour in the summer months.  
This is a painting at the end of our hall. It was painted by a young Indigenous man who was starting out in his artist journey. I love these sorts of bold artwork and as you can see below, I have another bold painting in my living room (along with my very bold rug). Nothing pretty and pink in my house - lots of bold colour and modern design mixed with bears in pots and old fashion books!! I think its call an eclectic collection!!
To add to my quirkiness what do you think of the decor artwork above the light-switch? I love it and plan to get a few more to put around the house. 
Did you think you could look at all these photos and not see one of Ruby!! She just loves baskets and boxes and if  you put one on the floor she is bound to climb in. I am told its a cat thing!
I have had this free pattern for ages and never got around to making it, but I decided it was time to "bit the bullet" and give it a go. It isn't hard to make and I am happy with the results however it does need sleeves which I struggled to add (or more correctly, I need sleeves)  But with a cardigan it looks very nice. Here is the pattern if you want to give it a go: LINKIf you visit Pinterest you will find many variations to this pattern. I have made two of these thus far, I wore the green and pink one on Christmas Dat. 
I think I will end with another one of Vladimir Volegov's paintings of a woman reading.  This is a favourite painting of mine, perhaps because I do love the dress and its colour and she is doing something I love - yes, reading. 



  1. Such a relaxing post, you have a beautiful garden and home a real delight to see.

  2. I saw the picture of us! =) You have a very green garden, looks lovely and cool!

    1. Its in my bedroom, I can see you every morning when I wake up - you are next to my dad!!

  3. It was lovely to visit here today, thank you for such a nice post.

    I love your quiet spot in the garden, so peaceful and restful...


    1. Thankyou, so glad you enjoyed it :))

      The spot is both peaceful and restful, expect at dusk when the mozzies arrive!!

  4. I LOVE the tank you made! It looks so pretty! <3

    1. Thanks heaps - it was so easy to make :)

  5. Totally understand wanting to just sit outside and relax! Can completely see that happening in your backyard :)

    1. Not this weekend as we are in for a lot of rain - indoors sewing I think !!

  6. Your backyard does look very relaxing, Jo! :) It was fun to get a glimpse into your home life. And that top you made is lovely!
    I like the two paintings too - the top lady looks very relaxed, but when I saw her posture, I couldn't help but wonder what people in bygone eras would have to say about the way she is sitting!!!! They would be horrified! ;) And while the bottom painting is pretty, that does not look like a terribly comfortable way to sit reading for long - I wouldn't last!!

    1. You have given me an idea for another Art Friday and you probably didn't even realise!!! Those tops are very easy, Miss Dolly could make these and modify as she pleases.


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