Random Tuesday #2

~ Lighthouse ~

New Brighton lighthouse..Wirral..Merseyside... by jetbluestone

I always thought it would be so romantic to live in a lighthouse! Perhaps I have read too many books about lighthouse keepers!!

How much reading and sewing could I get done!!

 However I would need a little more land than this one provides!!

Isn't this an amazing photo?



  1. It is an amazing picture, but I too would like a little more land.

    1. This lighthouse might be a bit damp!!

  2. This is stunning! Here is something random to add... Did you know that the family of Robert Louis Stevenson were lighthouse architects? His grandfather is responsible for building the largest one in Scotland with the opening of these words, "May the great Architect of the universe complete and bless this building!" I just found that bit of history neat awhile back when I came across it being a Stevenson fan and all :)

    1. No, I didn't know this and its very interesting. Some of those old lighthouses around the United Kingdom are amazing, especially those built out at sea - the engineering is just incredible and many are still standing. I watched a documentary on the making of one of these light houses in the mid 1800s and it was so fascinating.

  3. It is an incredible picture! :) But no, I would not like to live there - because of the wind, the heights, and the constant sandy salty stickiness. I think for a romantic location to live, I would prefer a cute little cottage on miles and miles of hilly farmland, surrounded by beautiful gardens and cows, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks. :D

    1. I think from this that we won't be offering you a place as lighthouse keeper!!! I am also a huge fan of cute cottages surrounded by pretty cottage garden and country side. Mine though would have 6 cats (perhaps more or less!!) whereas yours will probably have a dog or two??!!


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