Random Tuesday #4

~ Alice in Wonderland ~

Every adventure requires the first step - The Cheshire Cat.

Who read Alice in Wonderland as a child?

Was it a favourite?

What character did you enjoy the most?

I loved this book and have read it many times. So much happens in it, its creative, clever, the language is delightful and parts are just plain silly.  I can even remember where I was when I read it the first time!! I think its the perfect book for older child.



  1. I love the illustrations and loved sharing with my daughters as they were growing up. A lovely memory from the past.

    1. Just discovered that its Lewis Carol's birthday today and I didn't even realise it when I didn't this post!!

  2. I think I read an abridged version which I loved! The illustrations in it were beautiful. I wish I still had my copy but I think it was sold at a yard sale while I was in college! :)

    1. I only have a modern print of this book but must have a look for an older version.

  3. Jo, I've made a list of books that I should have read as a child, but didn't for some reason, and this is on it. Am I the only one who hasn't read it?!

    1. One is NEVER too old to read this fabulous book :)))) it's one of those books written for children and adults alike. Happy reading.


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