Art Friday: Karen Hollingsworth

Art Friday: Karen Hollingsworth

This is an artist that really likes windows, chairs and curtains blowing in the wind. I have to say, I find these paintings very serene and peaceful and can just imagine the breeze blowing across my face from the sea.

Wouldn't it is nice to have a bed under the window and allowing the sea to rock you gently to sleep.

However one can see too many windows after a while - so I hope I haven't overdone the windows and curtain paintings!!

She also likes paper bags (who doesn't). 

If you want to see more of Karen Hollingsworth's work, here is a LINK to her page.

I just love this painting, can  you imagine sitting this chair reading with the sea breeze in your hair!! This painting says "summer" loud and clear!!

Something a bit different!



  1. I love the one with the cat. It just makes me happy and I feel it's like something I've seen once in a dream.

    1. I also enjoyed the cat one because I know that my cat Ruby would love to sit on that table and enjoy the wind in her whiskers .

  2. Wow, these are great! I'm sure there's some people along the Queensland coast who are wishing this is what they were seeing out their windows today! She is a very talented artist! (The last painting is a bit of a surprise!!)

    1. I placed the elephants at the end to surprise you!! Whilst I would love to live that close to the sea side I was a little concerned about the really wild weather!! She is very talented.

  3. I just love all these paintings, especially the one with the chair and the hat and the view of the beach. Yes, the beach with warm weather and no snow! Now that's what I need. We are due for a winter storm and they are calling for 10 inches in my town... I am a bit tired of the snow. Thankful for it, but tired and ready for Spring.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. I love those old wicker chairs, hard to buy these days but I do associate them with the seaside. I am glad I could give you a summery view for your wintry days :)) In a few weeks it will be spring for you - in theory anyway!!

      Thankyou and you too have a lovely weekend.


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