Random Tuesday #10

~ Afternoon tea ~

There is nothing more lovely than sitting down for afternoon tea with friends or family.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea

(Henry James)

Why not invite some ladies over and enjoy a lovely afternoon together with the best china, delicious scones with jam and cream, sweet little sandwiches and warm chatter. Perhaps wear hats like they use to long ago.

You don't need lots of fancy china, be creative with what you already own or visit your local charity store and see what you can find for a few dollars. I have picked up some pretty plates for $1 to $2 each and I have even found pretty china teacups.



  1. I need to have afternoon tea with my mom again soon. I'd go today but I'm trying to keep a stubborn fire lit and it's raining out today. Hmmm. :-)

  2. Afternoon tea parties are so fun! I must do that again soon. :)

    1. :)) the one you did for the girls was lovely. Maybe an Edwardian tea next time !!


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