Random Tuesday #11

~ Elephant ~

Did you know that elephants grieve?

Elephants grieve when one of their own dies or they visit their ancestors burial sites. This is understandable considering they can survive up to 70 years and live in very tight knit communities. The females of the herd are known to grieve at the death of a baby or still born.

So just imagine how these majestic creatures must feel when humans treat them so badly.

Whilst we can't understand what goes on inside an elephants mind, it would be arrogant to assume that humans are the only ones with emotions. Just look at a cat with his or her own or a lost dog when finally found. Animals certainly show emotions, perhaps not the same as humans but they do feel something.



  1. Elephants are amazing creatures - when you learn about their memory, how they know certain things, you can understand why people say someone has a memory like an elephant. Elephants seem to remember things you wouldn't have thought they would or could. I love the way elephants have huge long eyelashes too - really cute!

    1. They are remarkable creatures. And knowing how they get emotional and have such strong memories it is very sad that some have been treated so badly as they struggle to recover. I watched a documentary last year about a refuge trying to rehabilitate those that have been badly treated and some recover but others don't. One of the things they do is play classical music to them and it appears to calm them down and remove some of the possible stress.


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