Random Tuesday #12

~ Icecream ~

What is your favourite flavoured ice-cream?

I love caramel with chocolate coated almonds with fresh strawberries



  1. That just sounds delicious, I am afraid ice cream is off the menu for me.

  2. I haven't eaten icecream in many months due to going dairy free... But my favourite flavour used to be one of two: either rich decadent chocolate (one of those expensive ice-cream shop varieties) with or without peppermint... OR plain creamy vanilla bean. These days I go for fruit sorbets instead - icy cold dairy free deliciousness! :)

    1. I've made dairy free ice-cream and some were very yummy. We also buy a dairy free ice-cream for number 2 son!! I only eat it in summer and not that much.

  3. Chocolate, without question - peppermint in there is great too! I love icecream =)


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