Random Tuesday #13

~ Easter eggs ~

Every Easter my Auntie Helen would give my brothers and I one Easter egg each (and one each for our parents).  Whilst we didn't celebrate Easter, it was her way of making sure we didn't feel left out and looking back it was so very special of her. 

I still love Easter Eggs, perhaps because I love chocolate. My son and daughter-in-law came around in mid March with my chocolate, they just couldn't wait to give it to me later!!  Its already been eaten. 

Whilst most of us are happy with a simple chocolate egg or bunny, how about a Faberge Egg!! Tsar Alexander III gave his wife Marie an egg in 1885 and this started a tradition followed by his son Tsar Nicolas II who gave his wife an egg each year until 1916. The most expensive egg was 2,460 pounds at the time, which in current terms would be around 1.87 million pounds. Now that is one expensive egg for Easter!! The same egg was sold in 2002 for US$9.6 million.

Of the 50 eggs Faberge made for the Imperial family from 1885 through to 1916, 42 have survived. 

Do you give easter eggs to your family?



  1. We usually buy a small egg or bar of chocolate for the Grandchildren but that is about all.

    1. I don't think children need lots of easter eggs (or chocolate) but I know that some parents buy HEAPS and go overboard (as they do with other sorts of gifts)

  2. No, we don't buy easter eggs at all. In the past we used to buy one of those Lindt bunny chocolates AFTER easter when they were on clearance... but Lindt is not gluten free and dairy free, so we don't buy them anymore. And other chocolate just doesn't meet the standard in taste or quality.

    1. Surprisingly I am able to by an Vegan egg from Aldi which I'm told tastes quite nice, I will check if it's gluten free as I know it's "free" of lots of things !!

    2. Clara, I just checked - the vegan egg I bought is dairy and gluten free :)


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