Thoughtful Thursday: Not about perfection

How true.

Our aim is to create a place that feels like home and not one that looks like it is from Vogue magazine. 

Just remember is it not competition to see who can create the most "cosy" home.

Nor is it based on the number of hours one spends at home. 

I have a lovely cosy home (just ask my family) and I am not home all day and I bet you also have a cosy home and you may spend all day at home.  

Create and enjoy and forget about how many hours others spend creating their cosy home.

Don't forget . . . 

We are ALL homemakers in our own particular way.

Might not be your way, but if the end results are the same, then it doesn't matter how we get there.

 our Christian sisters and remember - we all do things differently but do all things through Christ who strengthens me and you.



  1. The funny thing is that perhaps the more time spent at home, the more difficult it is to keep the house neat and tidy (which might sound opposite from how it should be) - because those who are home tend to use their house all day for lots of different activities (at least if they are hobbies oriented!) that might create mess! :P At least... that's the case in this household! ;)

    1. All my sewing is confirmed to one room ( which is currently in need of a vacuum with cotton thread on the floor) so the rest of my house is often unaffected by hobby activity! But I don't have young children which does make a big difference :)

  2. It is a daily battle to keep the house under control - almost like keeping the children under control =)
    I find it easier now, as little by little the children are more helpful, and my cleaning program keeps things a bit more manageable. I find the most important thing is to make cleaning/tidying daily - not just once a week, or even less often =)

    1. I bought colourful stackable boxes and got the boys to put their toys in the boxes. They both enjoyed this even when toddlers and I had very little trouble with toys all over the house. We also has a rule that toys had to be away before daddy got home as daddy didn't like toys everywhere !

  3. How true is this! I love being the keeper of my home. It brings me great joy to have all that I need and I don't need much to make my home clean, tidy and manageable. I don't want some big house that is hard to keep clean and feels hollow. I love that Jesus is my provider and I have plenty!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Jo!


    1. So glad to hear that you are content at home :) A big house, whilst it might be nice, would mean so much more housework!!! and who want to spend all day cleaning a big house when a smaller one is just fine.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      In God's gracious care.


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