Art Friday: Trains

Francesco Capello
Art Friday: Trains

Last Friday we enjoyed lots of very cute bunnies (which I did for a young lady of five), this week its all about trains (for her brother), what a contrast!!

Not so cute and cuddly but very useful for getting us from point A to point B! 

Do you have a favourite topic you would like covered in Art Friday? If so, let me know. 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Howard Fogg

Thomas Kindake

Jeff Rowland
Jack Vettriano
Ryo Takemasa
Train travel posters
Richard Estes. Subway. 1969
Howard Hogg (above and below)

Howard Fogg

Of course, you can't have trains unless you include the passengers on the train too!

Norman Rockwell

Edward Hooper
Raymond Leech

I hope you enjoyed the journey and I will end with the most famous train of all - Thomas!!



  1. There are so many train lovers in my family and extended family and relatives of family! :-)

    1. Its funny how people are drawn to trains. My children didn't see a train for a number of years because we had no railway anywhere near us when they were little. Thomas was the only train they knew about!

  2. Some really talented artists amongst these pieces! Dan and Danny enjoyed this one! :) Danny exclaimed over quite a few of them!!!

    1. Thankyou for your great ideas, I have written them down and will work on them over the coming months :)) Glad that Danny enjoyed these.

  3. Hello Jo, Just loved this! I use to take the train often to see my daughter! I still miss it at times! I think you ought to do a post on the hats worn over the years, styles and size! You always do such an amazing job! You always give me food for thought! Hugs to you! Roxy

    1. A lovely idea, I too love hats (not that I wear them) and there are many great examples in art!! I will add it to my list.

  4. David loved the trains - his favourite being the last lot - Thomas and friends =)


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