Don't let your possessions possess you

I once worked with a man who was into the stock market. He invested every cent he had, he took out a loan to increase his shares and every day he monitor his wealth on his vast and complex spreadsheets. He did make lots of money but in the process because obsessed and wore socks with holes in because he didn't want to waste a cent. I felt that by the time he retired he would be a millionaire but not happy and unable to spend any of the money he made because he just wanted to keep making more. 

He wasn't a happy man and his marriage had failed. But he had lots of money. 


We can't take our material goods or wealth to heaven and to be honest, the more we have doesn't mean more happiness. In fact it is highly like to take us further away from Christ, more stressed and less happy.

Don't let your possessions possess you.  



  1. Very good advice! If if does not have eternal value, it really is worth nothing at all, a thought that I try to live by. It helps to distinguish things I need to focus on as the days go by. Beautiful post and reminder!

    1. Its better to focus on people than things - what a better world it would be if we did more of that :)

  2. Very wise advice - and very important to heed.

  3. So sad, when the focus is on something that can be gone in an instant!


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