Bible verse: Proverbs 8:17



  1. Sobering verse isn't it? It's amazing how much time we put into finding the mundane things in life but neglect the One we should be seeking. Have a blessed weekend. Diane

  2. I must look that verse up - after all, God so loved the world (ie. everyone) that He sent His Son to die for each and everyone (not just those who love Him)... and yet, this verse says "I love them that love me"... It must be speaking of different kinds of love??
    Very thought provoking verse!

    1. Do tell me what you find because I thought the same as you :)

    2. Well, on looking into this further, I guess context is really important. I discovered that in context, the "I" and "me" spoken of in this verse is *wisdom* (personified). It tells who wisdom loves... And, those of us who seek after wisdom will always find wisdom seeking after them. :) An excellent verse; wisdom is so very important!


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