Art Friday: Andrei Belichenko & Maria Boohtiyarova

 Artist: Andrei Belichenko and Maria Boohtiyarova

Hello to all my regular readers and those who are new to my blog. Today's artists (and there are two of them) paint very pretty and feminine works which I hope you all enjoy. The women and children look lovely in their long flowing dresses and floppy hats. They make summer looks so beautiful (which for us in Australia is still months away).

Hoping that you all have a wonderful weekend ahead — I am planning on doing some quilting, baking and reading :) All the activities I thoroughly enjoy doing!!




  1. I'm not usually into paintings of real people - but I quite like these ones. They are so girly and pretty :-)

  2. I love them, especially the ones with the dark haired woman dressed in white, beautiful colors :-)

  3. So very enchanting... What an eye for feminine beauty and a Mothers heart!
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. Great paintings! I liked most of them heaps =)

  5. Oh, these are so beautiful, Jo!! Feminine and lovely!


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