Does God come to work with you?

Many Christian women go off to work each day — and you are all doing great jobs even if others like to tell you that you shouldn't be there. 

Most of these women are not working so they can have a fancy career or to make lots of money — they are just doing their bit to help out the family financially.  We need to go cheerful and with a joyful heart. We need to be thankful for what the Lord has provided us with and go along with His plan and not ours, even if we disagree. 

For those ladies who do go off to work — do you:

Talk with God at work? 

Do you realise He is with you all day?

He isn't exclusively for the with women who stay at home.

. . . He is with you (yes you) ALL DAY LONG and you are just as special to Him as any stay-at-home wife or mother.   

He sits beside you as you work, you just need to look up and see. He comes into those meetings that  aren't very pleasant, He is with you whilst you on the phone talking with a difficult client, He reaches out when someone is mean to you or when you need to tell your boss that you need to go home because your child is sick. He protects you when you are afraid, He helps you resist when temptation is placed in front of you, He comforts you when you are hurting, He encourages you when you are discouraged and is your companion when sad or lonely.

God sees us, walks with us, and cares for us no matter where we are. Knowing God is beside you and me at work making the working day so much easier to deal with.

You are NEVER alone at work. 

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39)

Don't ever think that God leaves you when you go off to work, He doesn't. 

God is not limited by time or space — or even our level of faith. He is always with us. He lives within every person who puts their trust in God through faith in Jesus Christ. 

When things get tough, have you every stopped working and prayed, perhaps walked to a quiet place to read your bible?

Have you ever said thankyou when something goes well?

Why not use some of your lunch hour for reading your bible, doing your devotional and praying — these are not exclusively home based activities.  Find a nice place to sit (I am spoilt with lovely garden count-yards that are private and peaceful) and take time out of your busy day to read God's word and meditate. 

I have my bible on my smart phone and tablet, so reading in any location is easy to do. If you haven't already, add a Bible app to your devises so the Bible can travel wherever you are. Have a look for other apps that contain sermons of interest or look out for Podcasts that are bible based. There are many things you can do to stay in touch with God during your working day. Take a book to read or if you feel as if you might be ridiculed at work for your reading chooses, pop the book on a kindle. 

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. (Matthew 6:6)

And when you do, your day goes so much more smoothly, in fact it can be quite remarkable the impact of God in your working day. 

To all working women, God never leaves your side, He is with you as much as He is with women at home, please don't forget this. Keep reminding yourself "He is always with me". 

COUNT ON GOD—Our ever-present God is everywhere you have been and everywhere you will go. He is in the classroom, the courtroom, the office, the home, and the hospital room. He is with you in life and in death. He is the only one who can be with you no matter what. Are you in the midst of a struggle or situation where you need His guidance? Turn to Him now and place your trust in the One who is always with you. Study His Word and let it guide you. (from


  1. I have retried but when I did go to work, I relied on Him from the moment I drove out of my driveway and then all the way home. As I drove home, I go over my day and see where He touched me.
    I need God all day,work or play, good or bad days,everyday,

    1. God is everywhere and I love that - He never leaves our side, it such a comfort to know that :))))

  2. I have no words to explain how I feel...I started to work recently after being home for over a year, and I've felt abandoned,small, and exposed to a quite hard and stressful world. This post means so much to me, I don't come from a christian family, my faith has been there since I was a child, but I still struggle in periods, this post really came just in time <3 thank you so much

    1. Hold your head up high and don't ever let SAHM try to pull you down :) You can do it when God is with you and when you feel exposed remember that He is right next to you :)) Keep up the good work.

    2. Thank you so much, just by looking into your blog, my pulse slows down, in a good way! Thanks to my work (as a temp on kindergartens, taking care of the children, cleaning and working in the kitchen) my husband gets a bit of relief, and we are able to have our daughters in a great ballet school, and my oldest one who is 9 years old, will start rehearsing for her second season at the Royal Operahouse of Stockholm. Right now I work from 7-1.30pm, then I walk about 1 hour to pick up the girls, and I can still excersise, bake, and read to the girls in the afternoons/evenings. The best of all is that we don't have to worry so much anymore, especially my husband.

    3. It sounds like you have a wonderful balance and that is what it is all about :)) Well done to your daughter for doing so well in her ballet :) Perhaps one day we will see her on the world stage!

      My son wanted to do a two year games animation course after he finished school. It was very expensive and because I was working we could afford to send him to the college. As a result of that training he now has a fabulous job and career ahead of him. It all pays off in the end.

      And part of being our husband's helpmate is taking the wait and worry from his shoulders and I think you are doing a great job :))))

    4. I'm so happy for your son! As you say, it all pays off in the end :-D
      My daughter will be in Madame Butterfly this fall season, but this time she will get to act, she is a hard worker <3 We are hoping that she will be accepted to the royal swedish school of ballet next year, it is very hard to enter, many auditions, but everything is free of costs there, shoes, uniforms, and they get to dance during school time :-D

  3. Jo, thank you. I can't tell you how much guilt I carry around for working. I was fine until reading a blog about Christian women needing to being a keeper at home, and now I can barely enjoy myself at work. Or life, even. Voices DO start telling me I'm "less than" a stay at home mom, and it's almost torturous. Is that from God?? It's a lot to think through, but your posts are encouraging me to embrace where I'm at and be thankful. So I thank you for cheering us on!! :) But to answer your question, I do "take God with me" wherever I go! I'm so glad he's omnipresent.


    1. I have found some blogs SO depressing and they have reduced me to tears when I read all the negative comments about women working and all the troubles of this world contributed to me and other women who work. I look around me and see other women working who have produced beautiful kids (now adults) who have found a balance between work and home and i know that it can all work out if you want it too. I also know from experience that our homes don't fall apart when we are away from them and our children and husbands can eat really healthy meals. We need to treat all our sisters in Christ as equals and not make women who work feel like second class citizens.

      Don’t ever feel as you have have to justify your decision with anyone - it is between your husband, yourself and God and not those who wish to tear us down. We can hold our heads high and be proud of what we do.

  4. Not all stay at home mothers are critical of those who have to work. And staying at home doesn't mean that life is easy, either. There are some days when things, working from home, raising children, health issues, homeschooling and other difficulties get me down, too - and then I need to remember that the Lord is there and wants to carry me through. Certainly, needing God is not limited to any specific circumstance. Life is tough everywhere. Especially when you meet with criticism for your decisions from everyone, ranging from the government (especially critical of those who choose to stay home) right down to family members and other believers.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if people were supportive and not critical in the decisions that families make — whether that resulted in the wife being at home or at work or a combination. It really isn’t anyone else business. It would also be nice if other women didn’t make assumptions about why women work i.e. to buy a big house or go on expensive holidays.

      The world would be a much more pleasant place to live.

      We all need to be kinder to one another and for those women who do need to work, we need to be encouraging and not make them feel small and insignificant and reminded them over and over again that they are neglecting their children and their husbands by not being at home all day.

      Everyone is an expert on other people’s lives these days!!! and they should just mind their own business and do the best they can for their families :))

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