It is tough being a mother today. So much criticism about the choices you make as if everyone else has the right to an opinion about you and your family.  Every woman is an expert about your situation and they are very willing to tell you. Even Hollywood celebrities have become experts and now  write books on motherhood and add to the confusion of the best way to bring up baby.

On regular basis newspapers and magazine run articles with headlines such as "The misery of being a mother" and others that focus on all the difficulties of motherhood and skip over the joy. No one would ever pretend that motherhood is 100% fun, many a tear will be spilt over the years but likewise, many a laughter will also happen (which those giving advise seem to forget to tell you!!).  

Mothers need to get on with being mothers and ignore all those "experts"!! Deep down in your heart, you know what is best for your children and you aren't often wrong. Love your children, give them plenty of hugs, teach them wisdom, discipline them, laugh with them, show them what happiness, joy and loving parents look like.  Give your children the skills they will need when they are all grown up and go out into the world on their own — and when they are all grown up, make sure they know in their hearts, that whatever they do (good or bad), you will always be there for them and that your love for them is endless.

You will make mistakes, your children will not turn out perfect (even though some mothers like to tell you that theirs are perfect). You will have regrets, but what journey in life is ever perfect? Just keep on doing your best.

Happy Birthday to my mother 

— a very special woman that did the very best she could and taught us so much about everything. A woman that went out to work, but still managed home cook meals every night. Made all my clothes, read to us, introduced us to music, literature and art and most importantly — shared her love of the Lord Jesus Christ with us and gave us the foundation that we needed for our journey through life. Thanks Mum, you are one of a kind xxxxxx

Mary Cassatt 
Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil - Claude Monet
William Bouguereau
Cherished Moment by Johanna Harmon
Vladimir Volegov
Sandra Kuck


  1. This made me cry! I'm so thankful for an example of a beautiful person (you!) being brought up by a working mom. I am a working mom and can get so worried that my daughter will not turn out well because of it. And those pictures are so touching. :)

    1. Don't panic about your daughter, she will turn out just fine :) And remember, that being a stay at home mother doesn't guarantee perfect children at all - its not the amount of time you spend with your daughter, its the quality of time and the loving and listening that is important.

  2. Beautiful. Mothers are very special, and they play a very special role - no more important than fathers though! :)

    1. Dads are very important and I love talking to my dad every week and I can 't wait to visit him in January. Both parents are precious :)))

  3. What a beautiful post :-) Mother's these days really are criticised a lot. I also think we have to learn to balance a heck of a lot more than mothers previously..... Tricky one!

    1. I couldn't agree more :))) Its amazing we make it through at all!!


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